Mammograms are an essential piece of women's health and are X-ray images used to screen for and detect breast cancer. Receiving regularly scheduled mammograms can help lead to early detection of cancers and decrease related breast cancer deaths.

The mammogram screening process is a non-invasive procedure that compresses your breasts to spread out the breast tissue. While your breasts are pressed between the two firm surfaces, an X-ray is taken and the image is displayed for the doctor to examine. He or she will be looking for signs of breast cancer.

Mammograms are used for both diagnostic and screening purposes. How often you should receive a mammogram depends on multiple factors like your family's cancer history and your age. Speak with your physician to get a personalized recommendation.

Intermountain Healthcare offers mammograms all over Utah and Southern Idaho. To schedule a mammogram in the Salt Lake Valley, simply call our one easy scheduling hotline or visiting the hospital's mammography page:

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