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Your Baby

At 25 weeks, the fetus begins to put on more fat. The wrinkles on the skin smooth out and the cheeks plump slightly. The hair on your baby's head may take on color and texture.

Your Body

Your growing baby is putting increasing demands on your body. In addition, you may be having trouble sleeping. The result? You may notice a return of the fatigue you felt in early pregnancy.

Healthy Tip

For a better night's sleep, you can:

  • Experiment to find a comfortable position. Most women prefer sleeping on their sides. In fact, some doctors recommend lying on your left side.
  • Prop with pillows. A pillow under your abdomen or between your knees may feel good.
  • Limit caffeine in tea, coffee, or soda, especially in the afternoon and evening.
  • Lower stress. Prenatal yoga, deep breathing, a good book — find things that recharge and relax you.

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