TeleCritical Care at Intermountain Healthcare is the service provided by a proactive monitoring and response center where an intensivist physician and critical care nurses monitor data on large patient populations and act as clinical decision support to bedside staff.

Intermountain officially formed the telemedicine initiative five years ago and began to incorporate it into clinical operations. Over that period of time, we’ve emphasized the development of our telemedicine services in conjunction with our Clinical Programs—specifically Critical Care, a branch of Intensive Medicine—and we’ve recently expanded telemedicine services to serve all ICUs throughout our system.

This TeleCritical Care team uses Intermountain’s network of audiovisual communication and computer systems to aid caregivers in emergency situations. In addition to these events, TeleCritical Care plays a direct role in ensuring that established best practices are applied reliably across the ICU population. This service is especially needed in our rural populations, where critical care services are not as robust.

The TeleCritical Care initiative and services are run by a support center that includes a team of 22 doctors and 20 nurses, serving 263 critical care beds across 12 facilities in Utah and Idaho.

Since the TeleCritical Care group was formed, Intermountain has observed improvements in mortality rates in community and tertiary care facilities. The greatest improvements have occurred in community hospital ICUs and in overall mortality rates.