Intermountain Risk Scores are a set of clinical decision tools that predict multiple types of patient risk, including hospital readmission, mortality, and the onset of serious medical conditions. Our physicians use these risk scores at the point of care to individualize each patient’s treatment plan. Patients at higher risk may undergo additional testing and treatment to ensure they have the best possible outcomes. Low-risk patients may not need as many interventions, which results in cost savings for both the patient and the health system.

The Intermountain Risk Scores are uniquely distinguished from other models as they are:

  • Automatic calculations as part of the electronic medical record that do not disrupt the physician’s workflow
  • Easily accessible as they use data from routine blood tests, age, and gender
  • Calculated at the beginning of care, not at discharge

Risk Scores

The Intermountain Risk Score predictive models have been validated and published in peer-reviewed academic journals. We are currently validating and prospectively implementing the risk scores in other health systems beyond Intermountain Healthcare.


For Health Professionals

Intermountain’s suite of clinical decision tools empowers the prediction of multiple types of patient risk.

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Patient information regarding Intermountain Risk Scores.


Each year Intermountain Risk Scores publishes additions to the collection of risk scores in highly reputable peer-reviewed journals.

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