About the Class



  • Register for the class at the Utah Hospital location where you plan to deliver your baby.
  • Make sure your doctor or midwife is able to deliver at the hospital that you are participating in the Simply Birth Program.
  • Register for the Simply Birth class when you are a minimum of 20 weeks pregnant and preferably before 32 weeks pregnant.
  • Interested families are encouraged to discuss Simply Birth with their midwife or doctor.


  • Once you register for a class, you will be asked to COMPLETE THE SIMPLY BIRTH APPLICATION PRIOR TO REGISTERING FOR THE CLASS
  • By completing the application and registering for the simply birth program does not guarantee you are eligible to participate in the Simply Birth Program.


PLEASE REGISTER FOR THE CLASS AT THE LOCATION YOU PLAN TO DELIVER YOUR BABY.  Click on the "VIEW ALL SESSIONS" button which will take you to a page to search by location or click on the location link below of the hospital you will be delivering your baby. 


This class is an informational meeting about the Simply Birth Program. This birthing option is available at Alta View Hospital, Cedar City Hospital, Layton Hospital, LDS Hospital and St. George Regional Hospital.  We offer the best of both worlds for families seeking the freedom and comfort of a home birth while ensuring that medical support is readily available.  We create an individualized education plan for each family, and we're strongly committed to supporting your birth preferences.  Our spacious birthing suites have a beautiful home-like design with large relaxation tubs.

Please note The course information should not replace any information you receive from your Healthcare Provider. Call your Healthcare Provider if you have any questions about your pregnancy and upcoming birth.

In this class, we will cover:

  • Orientation to the Simply Birth program
  • Application process
  • Required childbirth education
  • Early discharge options

You may be a good candidate for the Simply Birth Program if:

  • You are seeking an unmedicated birth (no epidural)
  • You are willing to learn alternative pain management techniques such as: breathing, relaxation, positions and massage
  • You have labor support (husband, partner, sister, mother, friend or doula)
  • You can take the required classes
  • You have a lower risk pregnancy
  • You are pregnant with a single baby
  • You go into labor (without an induction) between 37-41 weeks




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