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"We focus on timeless principles to develop trusted leaders at the intersection of clinical and operational excellence."


Why This Program

Many not-for-profit and academic health systems provide excellent leadership training for their key executives focusing on strategy, innovation, finances, corporate restructuring, improving revenue cycle, supply chain operations, mergers and acquisitions, and so on. Leadership competencies in these areas are important, which begs the question: Why should we attend the Developing Trusted Leaders program?

The short answer is we focus on the critical competency of leadership itself. That is, how to become a more effective and trusted leader who will create positive, significant, and lasting change in your organization and in healthcare generally.

Furthermore, we do so in a manner that cannot be duplicated in an in-house course. The Developing Trusted Leaders program is designed as a capstone leadership development experience to augment, not compete with, a healthcare institutions’ own leadership development programs.


On behalf of the Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute, welcome to our website. Please take a few minutes to look around. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at angela.egner@imail.org. I look forward to meeting you.

With warm wishes,

Angela Egner, M.A.
Director, Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute

What Makes Our Program Unique

The Faculty

Participants interact with thought leaders and master teachers from Harvard University, University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan, Stanford University, University of Maryland, and other respected institutions who bring diverse and inspiring perspectives to class instruction, discussions, and small group exercises. Some of our faculty are published authors, many are well-known internationally, several have won numerous national awards, others have led highly complex organizations, all are recognized experts in their specialties, and each one is committed to the values that drive this Institute.

See the faculty page for additional information.

Program Benefits

For Healthcare Organizations:

  • Develop trusted leaders who help lead positive lasting change.
  • Further development of key leaders who strengthen the organization’s culture and leadership team through objective, timeless, and evidence-based principles.
  • Increased competency and loyalty of leaders who understand and appreciate their organization’s commitment to their career path.
  • Increased networking and learning with leaders at other highly respected health systems.
  • Participants who are better prepared for additional leadership responsibilities.
  • Gain valuable perspectives and insights from other highly respected non-for-profit and academic health systems.

For Participants:

  • Lead with conviction grounded in a trusted, personal leadership brand.
  • Better understanding of personal strengths and opportunities for continued improvement.
  • Increased confidence and effectiveness in leading change.
  • Improved ability to influence positive change, increase performance, and accelerate progress in realizing their organization’s mission.
  • Expanded network of national experts, respected peers and mentors, and an increased ability to lead and mentor others.
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate in the Developing Trusted Leader™ Program?

The program is for experienced healthcare leaders in not-for-profit and academic healthcare organizations who possess the potential to make significant impacts on their organization’s culture, strategy, clinical, and cost performance.