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Intermountain Heart Institute provides the most comprehensive cardiac care in Utah. Our efforts allow us to treat conditions ranging from common to complex. Give us a call or fill out our online appointment request form to get set up with an appointment.

Brent Haupt's Story

Brent received a total artificial heart and a heart transplant. Thanks to Intermountain Heart Institute’s leading heart transplant program, he’s able to spend more time with his growing family.

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Rapid Access Cardiology Expertise

RACE (Rapid Access Cardiology Expertise) is a hotline for referring physicians seeking expert cardiac consultation. Our experts are available by phone twenty-four hours a day.

A nurse in blue scrubs holding papers in her hand talks with a male patient in a clinic waiting room

Intermountain Heart Institute Home

At Intermountain Heart Institute, we treat heart disease, relieve symptoms, provide answers, and improve life.

Hans Olsen's Story

When Hans suffered from his heart attack, he received life-saving treatment in near record-breaking time. Intermountain Heart Institute is known for its fast, effective treatment for STEMI heart attacks.

Intermountain Healthcare Cares

No one appreciates the nationally renowned quality of care at Intermountain Heart Institute more than our patients.

Mental Health Integration

At Intermountain, our Mental Health Integration (MHI) approach ensures we treat a person's mental health needs alongside his or her physical health needs.