Intermountain Healthcare has a compulsory immunization policy. There are several reasons for doing this, including:

  • Our commitment to providing a safe and healing environment for our patients. Our patients should be able to expect that they will not contract potentially life-threatening and preventable illnesses from their healthcare providers while being treated for other conditions.
  • We believe our employees are our most valuable resource. Unvaccinated healthcare providers face a high risk of infection themselves when working with patients who may carry these preventable illnesses and which could be carried back to their own family, co-workers and local community.
  • Research demonstrates the effectiveness of a strong vaccination program in reducing patient infections and mortality. It is our goal to achieve a vaccination rate of at least 95%.

What immunizations are required?

  • Seasonal Influenza
  • Measles (Rubeloa), Mumps and German Measles (Rubella)
  • Tetanus / Diphtheria / Pertussis (Tdap)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • A 2-Step TB test
  • Hepatitis B is highly recommended for employees whose jobs may involve exposure to blood, body fluid or tissues as a condition of employment 
  • COVID-19 vaccine: You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to your start date, subject to reasonable accommodations as required by law (e.g. medical and religious exemptions). Fully vaccinated means receiving two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

Who is required to be immunized?

All Intermountain employees and volunteers, as well as students, vendors and temporary employees who visit Intermountain patient-care or non-patient care facilities.

I am not involved in direct patient care. Why is it necessary for me to be vaccinated?

In addition to protecting our patients, Intermountain wants to protect our employees/volunteers, co-workers, our families and our communities from preventable diseases. Also, many employees/volunteers frequently go into patient care facilities.

Who can I contact for more information?

  • Employee Applicants: Your Recruiter
  • Volunteer Applicants: Facility Volunteer Director 
  • Students: Kara Kamareth, (801) 442-2324
  • Suppliers: Joanne Autenreib, (801) 442-2909
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Immunization Centers

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Immunization FAQs

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