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Avenues Specialty Clinic

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Intermountain Health

Avenues Specialty Clinic

Avenues Specialty Clinic offers internal medicine, midwifery, orthopedics, physical therapy, hand and wrist care, and urology located in Salt Lake City, UT.

Our Services

Laboratory and pathology

Convenience, advanced testing, connectivity, and exceptional service in the lab industry.


Our GI specialists offer swift diagnosis and treatment for digestive issues, improving your well-being for the present and future.

Internal medicine

Specialized in adult healthcare, managing complex illnesses and chronic conditions


See our orthopedic specialists for expert care for bones and joints, addressing injuries or conditions with personalized treatments for improved mobility and comfort

Physical therapy

Intermountain Health's physical therapy services aid in full recovery after surgery, injury, or pain, utilizing teamwork and advanced tech.

Behavioral health

Integrating behavioral and mental health care, Intermountain Health's expert team collaborates closely with diverse patients, offering innovative treatments.

Sports medicine and performance

Intermountain Health's sports medicine team, including doctors, surgeons, therapists, trainers, and nutritionists, delivers specialized care for recovery and performance improvement.


Intermountain Health offers advanced urological care for male and female urinary tracts and male reproductive issues, prioritizing least invasive treatments with personalized plans.