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St. Mary's Medical Center Weight Loss
Restoring health through comprehensive obesity treatment

Retake control of your life

St. Mary's bariatric surgery patients have lost an average of 72% of their excess body weight one year after surgery. What is more important is that many have improved or eliminated their high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obstructive sleep apnea and the expensive medications that accompany those obesity-related diseases.

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Join a free, virtual Bariatric Seminar

Join our free, virtual seminar available in Grand Junction, Colorado. The class will outline obesity treatment options and the expected outcomes, advantages and disadvantages, risks and benefits of each.

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Dr. Leonard Welsh
Meet Dr. Welsh and the rest of the bariatric team

Meet the bariatric team

Our team is built around your needs. We are specially-trained, accredited in weight loss procedures and care about you as a person. Count on our surgeons, nurses, clinical professionals and educators to be part of your team that is dedicated to helping you through a weight loss program, surgery, recovery and beyond.

Meet the team
Family hugging at home

Patient Stories

When the going gets hard, it’s easy to lose sight of the goals we set for ourselves. Sometimes the best motivation can come from those who’ve gone before us.

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4 Tips to Help Your Kids Make Better Vending Machine Choices

4 Tips to Help Your Kids Make Better Vending Machine Choices

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How do you balance the desire to “treat yo’ self” with your health goals? Here are five ideas to help you get all the rewards without the risk.

5 Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food

When self congratulations are in order, many of us reward ourselves with a cupcake, donut, latte or soda. But those “little” treats may add up to big health problems like weight gain, heart disease, or diabetes. So how do you balance the desire to “treat yo’ self” with your health goals? 

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