Pennies by the Inch

Pennies by the Inch® is Primary Children’s Hospital’s oldest fundraising campaign. This year it is 97-years old and continues an incredible legacy throughout the Intermountain West. Please consider joining an existing fundraising team in your area, creating your own fundraising initiative, or donating to the campaign to help us reach our goal of raising one million dollars!

A Measure of Love

Pennies by the Inch was initially created as a way to encourage children to learn the importance of giving back to others in need. Each year, children would measure themselves and donate their height, in dollars and coins, to the hospital. We encourage every member of the community to keep this tradition alive and commit to making an impact. Now this tradition has evolved and expanded to allow each member of our community to customize how they would like to raise funds. Get out there and host an event, get your workplace involved, talk to your neighbors, and help us spread the word that kids at Primary Children’s Hospital still need your support.