The EAP can be a resource to supervisors as they work to create healthy, productive teams. Interventions may occur when a team is experiencing conflict, when the supervisor is looking to introduce change and anticipates disruption or when any situation is interfering with team performance. Contact the EAP at 1-800-832-7733.

The counselor will meet with the supervisor to understand the situation and provide recommendations. These recommendations may include:

  • Supervisor Coaching:  The EAP counselor may provide the supervisor specific suggestions on interacting with the team. Examples could include increasing rewards and recognition, preparing a meeting agenda and staying on task or managing disruptive behaviors.
  • Team Facilitation:  The EAP counselor may come to a team meeting and facilitate a discussion on team issues including problem solving and follow-up.
  • Team Training:  The EAP counselor may provide training tailored to the needs of the team.  Examples could include Understanding Our Differences that uses the Myers-Briggs or Managing Change at Work.

Supervisor Tools

  • LiVe Well EAP Workplace Trainings Brochure

LiVe Well EAP Workplace Trainings Brochure