Colonoscopy is the most effective method of screening for colon cancer, precancerous growths, and polyps. If an abnormal mass or polyp is identified, your provider will identify the best course of treatment which often includes removing it during the procedure. Finding and removing precancerous growths during colonoscopy can help prevent cancer from developing.

A colonoscopy also helps your doctor see other problems that may be causing abdominal pain, weight loss, rectal bleeding or changes in bowel habits. If you have any of these symptoms, contact your Primary Care Provider or Gastroenterologist directly.

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For an overview of the colonoscopy procedure see our fact sheet

Scheduling a Screening Colonoscopy has been made easier at these Intermountain locations in the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Back

  • Alta View Hospital Endoscopy
  • Intermountain Medical Center Endoscopy
  • LDS Hospital Endoscopy
  • Riverton Hospital Endoscopy
  • Park City Hospital
  • Heber Valley Hospital

To schedule a screening colonoscopy at our Salt Lake Valley and Wasatch Back locations

  1. Fill out the form found at Schedule a Screening Colonoscopy
  2. We'll call you to complete registration
  3. Follow the colonoscopy prep instructions in the email sent to you or use this link Colon Prep Instructions

For Screening Colonoscopy Options Outside of the Salt Lake Valley and Wasatch Back

Talk to your primary care provider about scheduling a screening colonoscopy or see our list of Gastroenterology Providers