Eye-related issues such as eyelid tumors and eye socket fractures can be repaired with eye reconstruction.

When is eye reconstruction used?

Sun damage combined with genetics can lead to skin cancers of the eyelids, including basal or squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. When removing these cancers, eye or eyelid reconstruction can improve the aesthetics and functionality of the eye.

Intermountain Medical Group plastic surgeons perform eye socket reconstruction to treat and repair infections, tumors, and fractures or trauma of the eye socket (orbit) or to support an ocular prosthesis. Orbital issues should be treated quickly before they cause additional medical problems.

How is eye reconstruction performed?

Various techniques are used to recreate volume and normal eye appearance. Other surgeries of the eye include the eyelid lift to remove excess skin and wrinkles, tear duct surgery to treat blockages of the tear drainage ducts, and droopy eyelid repair to correct eyelid obstruction.

What results can I expect?

The objective of any type of reconstructive eye surgery is to preserve vision, restore normal eye function, and repair any abnormalities of the eyelids.

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