Intermountain Healthcare realizing healthy living starts with disease preventing illness and maintaining wellness. Our highly-trained and licensed team of health and wellness providers will work with you to develop a general wellness program, or help you focus on specific goals and healthy habits to improve your health. 

Team Approach

You’ll join a team of physicians, nurses, dieticians, therapists, and others to work together and find solutions tailored to your personal health needs. We know your input is crucial to positive outcomes, and together we’ll reach effective disease prevention decisions.

Convenient Care

We offer wellness and preventive medicine at a wide variety of locations throughout Utah and Southern Idaho, bringing you quality care close to home.

Experienced Providers

When it comes to your health and wellness, experience matters. Our leading providers draw from years of experience and knowledge to deliver wellness care for adults, seniors, teens, and children.


LiVe Well

LiVe Well. It's not a diet. It's not a boot camp. It's not about the perfect body. It's not about a quick fix, a six-week program, a band-aid, a fad. It's a lifestyle, not a crash course. It's about learning how to LiVe Well.

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Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Centers

Intermountain Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Centers are here to help you live the healthiest life possible with comprehensive lifestyle assessments, fitness testing, and our team of experts.
A physician checks on his patient using a stethoscope.


Find wellness and preventive medicine services.

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Find and search for Intermountain locations that offer wellness and preventive medicine services.