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Your Baby

Only about 5 inches long, the fetus nevertheless begins to look more and more baby-like. The ears stand out from the side of the head. The nostrils are well formed. Your baby is even starting to put on a little layer of fat beneath her skin.

Your Body

At your prenatal visits, your doctor or midwife uses a tape measure to check your fundal height—the distance between the pubic bone and the top of uterus (the fundus).

After the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, fundal height (in centimeters) usually mirrors the number of weeks you've been pregnant. So right now, your fundal height is probably about 18 centimeters. This measure helps your provider gauge fetal growth.

Healthy Tip

Don't hesitate to bring your pregnancy-related questions to your healthcare provider. Weird skin problems, excessive burping, hemorrhoids, sex — no topic is off the table. Your provider has likely answered the question many times before.

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