Intermountain Healthcare and SelectHealth are warning their customers of a phone scam targeting patients in various states.  We have seen an uptick in calls from patients and non-patients reporting that they received scam calls from individuals claiming to be from Intermountain Healthcare or SelectHealth. These scam calls are designed to get individuals to respond to questions and divulge personal and financial information.

Protect Yourself from Scams

Protect yourself from criminal activities and avoid falling victim to scams.

As society invents new ways to communicate and conduct business, consumers are targeted by scams through a variety of channels.  Scam artists are getting more creative and sometimes use the names of large, reputable companies to make their scams convincing.

Consumers, including Intermountain Healthcare and SelectHealth customers, are randomly targeted by scam artists who have used our company name to lure their victims. Intermountain and SelectHealth are concerned about these scams, and whenever possible, we provide the information we receive about them to the proper authorities to help in their investigations.

Identifying Security Scams

The more information you can gather from a potential scam artist, the more helpful it will be to authorities in their efforts to identifying security scams and apprehending criminals engaged in scam activity.  Here's information authorities may find helpful:

  • What information, if any, did the scam artists already know about you when they contacted you?
  • What type of contact did the scam artists make (i.e., phone call, letter, email, door-to-door visit, etc.)?
  • If contacted by phone, did you get the caller's phone number (using caller ID or by asking for a return number)?
  • If contacted by letter or email, can you provide authorities with a copy?

If the Intermountain or SelectHealth name were used in connection with a scam, we would appreciate knowing about it, whether or not you are an Intermountain customer. You can help us by identifying security scams and help authorities by notifying Intermountain and providing the information above.

If you provided any personal or private information to a suspected scam artist, such as information about your personal information, financial accounts, or credit cards, or if you otherwise responded to the scam, contact local law enforcement authorities immediately.

If you provided financial or account information, contact the appropriate financial entities to report the possible fraud:

  • Bank
  • Credit Card company
  • Credit-monitoring services

You will also want to carefully monitor any potentially affected bank or credit card statements or credit reports for fraudulent or suspicious activity.

Know This about Intermountain and SelectHealth

  • We do not participate in lotteries or promotions offering monetary prizes or gift cards.
  • We will not contact customers by phone to demand emergency payment of an insurance premium for a policy that is about to lapse or to pay a bill. 
  • We will not get agitated or threaten a customer if a payment is needed.
  • Our customers might occasionally receive a call for pre-registration or customer surveys.  If you're suspicious, gather any information noted above if possible, hang up, and call the Intermountain hospital or clinic you visited or plan to visit.
  • We use regular billing periods and regularly scheduled premium notices to notify customers of any amounts they owe.
  • We may send overdue accounts to a collection agency who may call you to assist with your payment.  If you're suspicious, hang up, and call the Intermountain hospital or clinic you visited so an Intermountain representative can assist you.
  • If the Intermountain or SelectHealth name or logos are used in a communication and you are suspicious, call the Intermountain facility you visit or SelectHealth representative you work with to help you determine what you received is authentic.

We want to remind our customers to be vigilant when anyone calls and requests personal or credit and debit card information.  Customers should never provide unsolicited callers with credit card numbers or any other information that may compromise their financial security or personal identity.

Please visit the following web sites for additional guidance on security safeguards and identity theft: