Here is a partial list of initiatives the Strategy Office has driven or advised at Intermountain Healthcare:

  • High-Value Delivery
    • Working with key leaders internally and externally to accelerate and drive Intermountain’s innovative value-based care strategy.
  • Consumer Centricity
    • Partnering with industry leading experts in the consumer space to align Intermountain’s consumer strategy with the best of market solutions and tools, and helping to create a business function to drive innovation and leadership in the healthcare consumer space.
  • Healthy Communities
    • Engaging community leaders within the Utah Alliance for Determinants of Health to improve health and wellness within Utah’s communities.
  • Accelerated Performance
    • Leveraging industry leading tools and analytics and deploying a strategic framework to increase the efficiency and efficacy of care delivery across the system to implement a consistent ‘One Intermountain’ approach.
  • Smart Growth
    • Working with leaders to strategically deploy scalable tools and technology in a way that improves the health of communities in new and innovative ways.
  • Focused Innovation
    • Creating solutions to address critical needs of health systems and patients across the country and formulating an entity to transform the competitive landscape of the generic pharmaceutical industry.

Civica Rx

Intermountain Healthcare, Trinity Health, SSM Health, HCA, Catholic Health Initiatives, Providence, Mayo Clinic, and the Veterans Administration, in partnership with patient advocacy and philanthropic organizations, are establishing a societal-owned, not-for-profit generic drug company to:

  • Ensure stable and predictable supply of essential generic drugs, correcting shortages.
  • Bring competition to certain generic drug market segments, focusing on value (price and quality).
  • Act as the conscience of the generic drug market, serving as a check against monopolistic behavior of generic drug manufacturers.

This collaboration is designed with the purpose of ensuring generic drugs are available and affordable to everyone.

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