Meet some of the incredible patients who receive care at Intermountain Healthcare facilities, which receive financial support through generous gifts from Intermountain Foundation donors.

Teagan had a heart defect before she was born, during a routine prenatal ultrasound. Shocked and heartbroken, Teagan's mother Shelby clung to her doctor's assurance that her baby's very best chance of survival could be found right here at Primary Children's Hospital.
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Ivor's TAVR Story

Watch this video and meet Ivor, one of our heart patients at Dixie Regional Medical Center who recently underwent a new procedure that has significantly improved his quality of life. Intermountain Foundation at Dixie Regional holds a holiday event called Jubilee of Trees each year. The 2018 event benefitted this new procedure and the Cardiovascular Program at Dixie Regional Medical Center.

See how a former Primary Children's Hospital patient has been able to give back to the hospital through the Festival of Trees.

Blake's Trauma Story

Take a moment to watch this grateful patient video shared for the first time at the Dixie Regional Foundation Jubilee of Trees 2019 Gala. Discover the remarkable journey of a young motorcyclist, Blake Savage whose approach to his accident has impacted the community of other motocross and supercross riders, his family, friends, caregivers and Instagram followers with his amazing attitude of going the distance. This event was held to benefit the advancement of neurosciences in November. Blake shares how the Dixie Regional Medical Center neuroscience team presented the best possible outcome from the start, along with the continuum of care and the development of strong relationships with caregivers who have gone the extra mile.
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Nyla Jane - Festival Story

Watch this heartwarming video of a patient at Primary Children's Hospital, and be inspired to attend Festival of Trees.

Britton's Story

Britton Shipp is a teenager from Santa Clara, Utah who was seriously injured in an off-road vehicle accident near Pine Valley in the fall of 2014. Britton has inspired the St. George community and beyond with his story of perseverance and healing.


Luke's Story

After an accident, Luke Carter, a high school football star, found the help he needed at the Dixie Regional Neuro Specialty Rehab.


Baby Lily's Story

Some might say “Baby Lily” came into the world last spring with the deck stacked against her. Yet thanks to a quick-thinking medical team and the sophistication of a Level III NICU, Baby Lily is now a healthy, curious toddler.