LiVe Well and Give Kudos

As caregivers at Intermountain Healthcare, we’ve made a commitment to healing through extraordinary care to our patients and colleagues. When superior service is given, it is recognized at Intermountain by giving kudos – employee recognition. We believe promoting a positive work environment and recognizing our team members builds engagement.

Kayla Bailey, one of our MAs in Internal Medicine embraced a region-wide activity to give kudos to her colleagues in appreciation for their amazing work. Since Kayla gave kudos to a number of her co-workers, there has been a significant increase in job appreciation and work engagement.

As Kayla says, “LiVing Well encompasses all aspects of living, including our working relationships.”

Thank you Kayla for helping us all to LiVe Well!

Intermountain created the Live Well program for its employees and patients. The program promotes preventative medicine – stay healthy and living well before a potential health issue occurs. There are five focuses of LiVe Well: LiVe Healthy, LiVe Happy, LiVe Secure, LiVe Connected, and LiVe Engaged. For more information regarding the LiVe Well program, visit the LiVe Well site.