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Senior care

Helping you live life to the fullest

Our approach to healthcare for seniors is all about giving you the best help, resources and care possible to keep you healthy, active and living life to the fullest

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Senior primary care

Our senior primary care clinics in Nevada

We provide specialized care for Nevadans by working together with your Medicare Advantage plan to maximize your benefits, expand your care options, and make a real difference in your health.

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Home care

Our homecare team will work closely with your doctor to develop a personalized plan of care specifically tailored for your living needs.

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Hospice and palliative care

We offer a variety of homecare and hospice services designed to keep you comfortable and living each day to the fullest.

Hospice & palliative care

A custom diet plan for you

Our registered dietitian nutritionists can help develop a custom diet plan for you. They examine your eating habits, including where, when and what you eat, then individualize a meal plan and nutrition counseling to help you make difficult lifestyle changes.

Nutrition counseling

Aging with health


Aging Gracefully: Senior Health

Aging, it has been said, isn’t for the weak. While there is no way to turn back the hands of time, there are some things that you can do that can improve your life and increase the fulfillment and joy you find in your golden years.

By Lance Madigan

5 min read


Benefits of Physical Activity

We know, we know. New Year, new resolutions. Want to know the number one resolution of individuals at this time? Get more active, lose weight, and exercise more (or some combination thereof). But why? Why do we bother?

By Lance Madigan

5 min read


Tai Chi Workouts for the Whole Body

A few weeks ago at Channel 2, Mary and I talked about a low impact, slow moving workout known as Tai Chi. It’s a non-violent form of the martial arts derived from the Chinese. The exercises we did work the upper and lower body, help build muscular strength, increase flexibility balance and are quite relaxing. Tai Chi also has many meditative properties. It’s great for everyone but especially the older population.

By Jeffrey Beck

5 min read