Betty Ott Quilt sq

Betty Ott has a big heart full of love to share. Betty and her late husband, Layton, sought ways to share their love by helping others.

Their generous gift made local charitable lodging a reality in 2008 when the Layton and Betty Ott Jubilee Home II was created. The Jubilee Home serves as charitable lodging for families of patients receiving critical care at Dixie Regional. Hundreds of families have been blessed by the Jubilee Home.

“My husband was always looking for projects to help out,” said Betty. “We both felt that the Jubilee Home would be something useful. We were happy to be in a position to help.”

Betty also likes to create and donate comfort blankets to Dixie Regional that are given to children in the hospital.

“Making blankets gives me something to do,” said Betty. “I can sew two a day and then I tie them on a quilting frame. I’ve made over 100 blankets. I like the thought of my blankets bringing comfort to children.”

Betty Ott obviously has a place in her heart for Dixie Regional, so it is no surprise that when she started having issues with her heart that she sought the expertise of Dixie’s heart doctors.

“I was concerned when they told me I needed a heart valve replaced,” said Betty. “But when they told me they could do a TAVR procedure without opening me up, I was so relieved.”

TAVR is short for transcatheter aortic valve replacement and is a revolutionary treatment where the aortic valve is replaced through a catheter, or small tube. It is a great treatment option for those predicted to be at risk for serious complications with open-heart surgery.

“At Dixie Regional we have put together a hybrid team of people trained in heart surgery, cardiology, and imaging to implement Dixie’s new TAVR program,” said Dr. Jason Bowles, a heart surgeon at Dixie Regional. “TAVR has become a great treatment option for an increasing number of patients.”

Performing a TAVR procedure requires a skilled team of two doctors. In 2017, Jason Bowles, MD, and Blake Gardner, MD, together performed Dixie Regional Medical Center’s first TAVR procedure.

As part of the Dixie Regional expansion project, a new hybrid surgical suite was created with full imaging capabilities to enhance special surgical procedures such as TAVR. This surgical suite was made possible by generous donations from grateful patients.

“Having a hybrid surgical suite opens the door for Dixie Regional to do a lot of similar procedures,” said cardiologist, Dr. Blake Gardner. “We are extremely grateful to the community for making this new surgical suite possible.”

Patients like Betty are also grateful. “I feel so much better,” said Betty. “I feel lucky and grateful to have been so well taken care of at Dixie Regional.”

Betty Ott truly has a special place in her heart for - and new valve in her heart from - Dixie Regional Medical Center.