Physicians taking care of you may include your primary care physician, a physician assigned by the hospital, and other specialists your physician chooses to help with your care. Physicians may see you any time of day or night depending on their schedules.

Registered nurses (RNs) coordinate your treatment, visit you every two hours, administer treatments and medications, assess your condition, and report changes to your physician. They also help you learn about your condition and how to care for yourself at home. Nurses usually work 12-hour shifts, so you’ll have several nurses caring for you during your stay. RNs are available to discuss treatment plans with you and your physician and answer your questions. In some areas of the hospital, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) work with your registered nurse.

Patient care assistants (PCAs) work with your nurse and assist you with personal needs such as meals, hygiene, and activity. PCAs also freshen your bed daily and change linens as needed.

Pharmacists work closely with your care team to ensure you receive the appropriate medications. Let your nurse or PCA know if you’d like to talk with a pharmacist.

Dietitians offer support if you have special diet needs (or preferences), helping you choose foods that follow your physician’s diet order. They will also provide nutrition education if you need to follow a special diet at home. Let your nurse or PCA know if you’d like to talk with a dietitian.

Respiratory therapists are trained in all aspects of managing breathing problems. They act as a critical part of your care team if you need medications delivered to your lungs, help keeping your lungs clear, oxygen, life support, or emergency breathing assistance.

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and others may help you begin rehabilitation in the hospital.

Managers may visit you to ensure our team is providing you with an excellent healing experience.

Care managers and social workers are assigned to each patient and may visit you and/or your family members during your stay. They are available to assist with your special needs, insurance questions and to help coordinate your discharge from the hospital.

Environmental Services staff clean and disinfect your room and bathroom daily and as needed at your request.