Intermountain Homecare understands that homecare needs cannot always be easily understood or anticipated and that you probably have questions. We’ve tried to anticipate what many of these questions may be, but you are always welcome to contact your nearest Intermountain Homecare office for additional questions or for more comprehensive information.

Am I qualified for Home Health services?
Homecare is provided not only for people with debilitating conditions, diseases or cognitive problems, but also for people with post-surgical, rehabilitative, and other needs. If you have a condition that requires the assistance of a health professional and you are unable to go to an outpatient clinic to receive those services you could qualify for home care services.

What services do you provide for children?
Most home health services available from Intermountain Homecare are available to pediatric patients, including pediatric nursing, physical and occupational therapies, speech language pathology, certified nursing assistance, and social workers. Additional personalized care options may be available, please contact your local Intermountain Homecare office for more information.

Do I need to be homebound to receive homecare services?
Many payer sources, including Medicare and some private and commercial insurance carriers, will not pay for homecare services if you are physically able to leave your home to receive the services at an outpatient facility. As it can vary by provider, Intermountain Homecare recommends you contact your insurance provider or other payer source to determine their eligibility requirements.

How much does homecare cost?
An Intermountain Homecare financial representative can help you understand the cost of each of the services. Specific costs and coverage for the services will be explained before any services are provided. Please contact your local Intermountain Homecare office for more information.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?
It depends on the services you require. Intermountain Homecare can assist you in determining your needs and assist you in obtaining an order if needed.

Can I set up my own schedule?
Schedules are set up based on patient, caregiver and family needs and will be set up on an individual patient basis with the professional providing the services.

Does a family caregiver need to be present when homecare services are provided?
It isn't required for a family caregiver to be present but it is important that family and caregivers are involved in the plan of care for each person on home care services so it is important regular communication and involvement occurs.

Are you available 24 hours a day?
Intermountain Homecare has an answering service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so emergency needs can be taken care of any time day or night. Personalized services also may be provided 24 hours a day depending on each individual's needs. To contact us, please call 385-887-6000 or 1-800-527-1118.

Does my insurance pay for homecare?
Each insurance carrier is different but most private or commercial insurers do have some coverage for homecare. You can contact your insurance representative directly or Intermountain Homecare can check with a representative from your insurance company to determine your benefit for home care.

Does Medicare pay for homecare?
Medicare will pay for homecare, in full, if you meet their criteria for being homebound and have a skilled need that requires the assistance of a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech language pathologist. Nurse's aides can be provided as long as there is also the need for a nurse or therapist. A representative at Intermountain Homecare can help you determine if you qualify for payment by Medicare.

Does Medicaid pay for homecare?
Medicaid does pay for homecare services if you meet specific Medicaid criteria. A representative from Intermountain Homecare can help you determine if you qualify for payment by Medicaid. Due to contractual limitations, Intermountain Homecare is unable to provide oxygen or apnea monitors to Medicaid recipients.

Is there a limit to how long I can have home care services?
The length of time you will receive homecare services will be determined by your individual needs and is coordinated through your physician.

Are there other funding sources if I can't afford to pay for the services? Intermountain
Homecare will determine each individuals ability to pay for the necessary services and work closely with you to determine what payment options are available for you. Intermountain Homecare provides services without regard to an individual’s ability to pay.

Can someone come to my home to provide information about homecare services?
Intermountain Homecare will make every effort to provide information to you. If we can't answer your questions on the phone a visit can be made to determine your specific needs. If Homecare is appropriate an individual plan of care will be set up for you. If Homecare is not the best option for your care we can provide assistance to help you set up services that are more appropriate.

How can you help my family understand what services are needed and how to put them into action?
A personalized plan of care is set up for each person on service. It is determined by each clinical evaluation with involvement from family members and caregivers. Family and caregivers are involved in all aspects of home care services from the first visit to the last visit and are an integral part of the services provided. Ongoing communication and involvement in the plan of care is vital to achieving the desired outcomes and family and caregivers are expected to participate in all aspects of the established plan of care.