Intermountain Health Pharmacy Pill Planner allows Intermountain Health patients to receive convenient daily dose packs of medications shipped directly to their home. Pharmacists at the Intermountain Health Pharmacy will work with you to review your ongoing prescriptions and create individual packets for your daily medications. This service makes filling and separating your prescriptions a stress-free process.

The Pill Planner service is only available in Colorado and Montana.

Intermountain Health Pill Planner:

  • Takes the hassle out of separating and organizing medications
  • Eliminates the need for pill boxes
  • Decreases the amount of trips to and time spent at the pharmacy
  • Reduces medication errors
  • Is offered at no additional cost and is delivered right to your door

Patients who will benefit most from this service include:

  • Patients who take multiple medications
  • Patients with caregivers
  • Elderly patients living independently who need assistance with their medications
  • Patients with transportation challenges

For additional information on the Pill Planner, please contact the Saint Joseph Outpatient Pharmacy at 303-812-2326 or fill out the request form.