At Intermountain Healthcare, we are dedicated to helping people live the healthiest lives possible®. Telehealth and other state-of-the-art technology is central to this effort - giving patients access to the care they need no matter where they are, providing additional support, building teamwork among caregivers, and improving outcomes, while driving down the cost of healthcare. 
Intermountain’s integrated approach to telehealth removes traditional barriers to deliver a seamless experience for patients and providers - from hospitals, to outpatient clinics and patient homes. Our strategy is driven by industry leading clinical experts and embeds telehealth in care processes as a tool to accomplish clinical goals. Our technology and clinical service provides a common platform and seamless integration that allows patients to get the specialized care they need no matter where they live. 

The result: keeping patients in your community, out of the hospital when possible, and improving outcomes across the continuum of care.

Our Services



Bringing high-quality, specialized care to patients no matter where they are using secure, video visit technology.

Connect Care

The Connect Care app connects patients at home, work, or on the go with the, low acuity, urgent care service they need. Video Visits are also offered by some primary care providers and specialists for established patients.

Transfer Center and Provider Support Services

Our transfer specialists facilitate all types of patient transfers into all Intermountain Healthcare facilities.

Project ECHO

Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Health-care Outcomes) links specialized, multi-disciplinary teams from across the Intermountain Healthcare System with local community healthcare organizations and professionals.

Life Flight

Life Flight transports patients by helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, or ground ambulance, bringing skilled medical personnel and equipment to critically ill or injured patients where and when you need us.