Our transfer centers are RN-staffed and clinically supported, efficient, 24/7 logistic centers that handle both inbound and outbound transfers to our Intermountain Health hospitals and facilities. We can handle all the logistics of transferring a patient, including:

  • Call ahead processing for ED referrals with patient details tracked prior to arrival – avoiding miscommunication and unexpected arrivals
  • Coordination of transfers – ED to ED, ED Call Aheads, Direct Admits, Inpatient Transfers, and Future Admits
  • Facilitating provider-to-provider communication
  • Connecting RNs for report
  • Arranging all forms of medical transport, including air

Call with the following information:

  • Patient name, gender and DOB
  • Diagnosis/Condition
  • Contact number for the physician requesting the transfer (no pagers)
  • Name of sending facility/unit and call back number
  • Reason for transferring patient

Colorado - Front Range, Denver Metro

For transfers taking place in the Front Range and Denver Metro areas:

Call 1-844-504-0004


Western Colorado

For transfers taking place in the Western Colorado regions:

Call 1-855-254-1078


Montana and Wyoming

For transfers taking place in Montana and Wyoming:

Call 1-800-331-0222


Utah and Idaho

For transfers taking place in Utah and Idaho:

Call 1-855-932-3648