What is Connect Care?

Intermountain Connect Care is a convenient, clinical care service for common conditions, available 24 x 7 x 365 through internet enabled computers or mobile (Android/iOS) devices. 

When should I use Connect Care?

Connect Care treats conditions such as stuffy and runny nose, allergies, sore throat, eye infections, cough, painful urination in adult women, lower back pain, joint pain or strains, and minor skin problems. If you have a fever, please know your temperature.  

Please note that Connect Care is not for medical emergencies. Please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you feel you are experiencing any of the following emergency medical problems: 

  • Chest pain or pressure 
  • Uncontrolled bleeding 
  • Sudden or severe pain 
  • Coughing / vomiting blood 
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath 
  • Sudden dizziness, weakness, change in vision, slurred speech, numbness, or other neurological changes
  • Severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea 
  • Changes in mental status, such as confusion 
  • Assault, physical or sexual abuse, or child abuse 

Can you treat painful urination?

Yes, except for UTI’s in children under 18 and male patients.  

Can I use Connect Care for my child?

Yes! You and/or spouse can add an account for your minor child as part of your own account. Please note that your child must be present during the video visit. Also please know your baby’s weight and temperature. Please note infants under 3 months old with a fever need to be evaluated in person.  

Why should I use Connect Care?

Connect Care is a convenient choice for urgent care needs. You can access care in the convenience of your home at any time of the day or night and on weekends and holidays. In addition, your condition can be treated at a lower cost compared to urgent care, the doctor’s office, or emergency rooms. 

When are providers available on Connect Care?

Connect Care providers are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. That means nights, weekends and even holidays. When you log on, you’ll see all available providers, and which ones are currently with a patient.

Where can I use Connect Care?

Patients can access Connect Care anywhere in the US where telehealth visits are legal. This includes all US states except Louisiana. Be sure to set your location to the state that you are currently located in. To do this, within the app, click on “More” on the bottom task bar, then “My Location”. Providers licensed in the state where you are currently located, will be available for your selection.

Can I call while driving?

No, DO NOT CALL WHILE DRIVING. The provider will immediately end the visit if you are driving. 

Can the provider write a work/ school note?

Yes, please ask for any work/school note needed while you are connected so you don’t have to connect in again. 

Can I use my spouse's account to have a Connect Care visit?

No. Each adult must have their own account and preferably access their account from their own device. The patient must be present to be evaluated on camera.  

What devices/computers can I use to access Connect Care?

Connect Care supports the most recent versions of most browsers as well as access using apps for iOS and Android devices. For a complete list of compatibility requirements see our tips and troubleshooting guide. 

What do I do if I have trouble connecting?

We recommend always testing your computer before you connect if you are accessing from a PC or laptop. Our 24/7 help desk can assist with connectivity challenges and can be reached at 1-844-624-4686. You can also email us with less urgent questions at connectcare@imail.org

What do I do if I get disconnected?

With the latest version of Connect Care, if you get disconnected for any reason, we’ll save your information for when you log back in, making seeing a provider even faster. 

How do I update my contact info?

Once you create an account, we sync it with your medical record. To update your personal information you’ll need log in to your MyHealth account or call our support center at 1-800-442-5502

Who are the providers I will see in Connect Care?

Connect Care is staffed by clinicians who specialize in urgent care, family practice, emergency medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics. All of our providers are certified and credentialed according to NCQA standards.

Will providers have access to my medical record?

Connect Care is staffed by providers who are are verified, credentialed and licensed. All our staff have access to the medical history you provide in the platform. Additionally, our Intermountain providers will have access to your Intermountain Healthcare chart history.

What did she say I had?

You can access a summary of your visit including any problem and prescription information after your visit. You’ll need to access by logging into your Connect Care account, then clicking on “My Records”  > “Previous Visits.”  

What if I forgot what the provider told me to do?

The easiest way to check back with any problems is to immediately re-connect; if it is related to the original visit, we will waive the fee for the 2nd visit. Or you may look at your visit note (see above). 

Can my primary care clinician see my visit to Connect Care?

If your primary care clinician is part of Intermountain Healthcare, he or she will be able to see a note from your visit in the electronic health record.

Can I receive a prescription from a Connect Care provider?

Connect Care providers will prescribe medication applicable for your individual diagnosis.  We practice good antibiotic stewardship so you may not receive antibiotics if they are not indicated.  Please note that by law narcotics/opiates (such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc.) cannot be prescribed via telehealth visits. Also, Connect Care does not provide prescriptions for muscle relaxants or erectile dysfunction medications. 

Can the prescription be sent to the pharmacy of my choice?

Yes, during the short registration, please select the pharmacy you desire for the current visit, and that is currently open.

What if I have I have trouble with my prescriptions?

For any issues with prescriptions reaching the pharmacy, please call our support desk at 801-442-2610. Our staff will work with the provider to resolve questions or you may connect in again.   You will not be charged again for a problem with your prescription from a recent visit.

What if my condition requires an in-person visit? 

Connect Care providers can treat the majority of common complaints mentioned above, but some symptoms may require an in-person visit. If our providers cannot diagnose your condition over telehealth or feel your condition is best treated urgently in-person, your provider may decide not to charge you for your visit. 

How much does a Connect Care visit cost? 

The charge for a visit is $59, but may be less if covered as a benefit by your insurance. 

Does my insurance cover Connect Care? 

Some insurances include Connect Care as a covered benefit. We are actively meeting with health plans to expand coverage of our visits. For more information for your specific plan, contact your insurance company. 

Does my visit count as a qualified HSA or FSA expense? 

Yes, our visits qualify as health care expenses. You can use any major debit or credit card with our service. 

I completed a visit, where will I see the charges for the visit? 

If you paid with a credit card, you will see a charge for your co-pay from Intermountain Connect Care. If after we submit a claim to your insurance, we find your cost to be less than what you paid upfront, we will refund the overpaid amount to your credit card. If you were not charged up front, or we find that you owe more than you initially paid, you will receive a bill in the mail. Your charge will not exceed the visit cost.  

I have questions about my bill or card charge, who can I speak to? 

Contact our billing office at 801-442-1433. Office Hours 9 – 5PM M-F. 

Where can I get a receipt?  

The process to access a claim receipt (for visits that were not conducted with on file insurance) is as follows: 

  1. Access your account at intermountainconnectcare.org 
  2. Log in 
  3. If you have children – be sure to choose the individual who was treated 
  4. Go to Health Info, then Previous Visits 
  5. Select the Visit needing the claim and click “Claim Receipt” 
  6. This will open a PDF that can be saved/printed.