This podcast features caregivers from across Intermountain asking questions of Intermountain CEO Marc Harrison, MD. Caregivers can request to join the podcast and ask their question by emailing



Can we reduce suicides?

Can a health system influence the number of suicides in the community and should they? Those were the questions discussed by Morrissa Henn, DrPH, a community health program director for Intermountain, and CEO Dr. Marc Harrison.

Does Tele-oncology Work?

Is Intermountain's tele-oncology program working and are patients getting good care? That's what CEO Dr. Marc Harrison asked Dr. Derrick Haslem, associate medical director for the Oncology Clinical Program, on this podcast. Hint: the answer was a resounding YES!

What’s HerediGene?

HerediGene, Intermountain’s groundbreaking five-year DNA study to find new links between genetics and disease, was the topic of the latest Thanks for Asking podcast with CEO Marc Harrison, MD. Marc asked Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, Intermountain’s chief of precision genomics, for more details about the study, which launched this summer and will involve the collection of half a million DNA samples.

Getting Active

Skye Moench had a promising career as a tax accountant working at prominent accounting firm when she decided to give it all up and become a professional athlete. She recently won first place in the Ironman Europe Championship and is soon headed to Kona, Hawaii, to compete in the Ironman World Championships. Skye, who’s a member of Intermountain’s LiVe Well triathlon team, talks about her experience, as well as shares her advice for anyone thinking about trying to get more active, in a podcast discussion with CEO Dr. Marc Harrison.

The Role of Rural Homecare

What role does Homecare play in the future or Intermountain Healthcare, particularly Homecare in rural areas? That’s the topic Cyntea Anderson, RN, an Intermountain Homecare nurse in rural Millard County, discussed with CEO Dr. Marc Harrison. Cyntea has been caring for patients at their homes in isolated parts of Utah for many years. “I love being in people’s homes,” she says. “That’s where you go to get better.”

Board Diversity

The role of governance in helping to both support and drive diversity at Intermountain Healthcare was the topic of a discussion between CEO Dr. Marc Harrison and Janice Ugaki, the Chair and Co-founder of Firmseek and a member of Intermountain's Board of Trustees. “I feel very strongly about diversity on boards, and not just the main Intermountain Board, but also all of the local community boards,” Janice says. “I think in order to innovate you really need to have a diverse group of people.”

Leadership to Help Teams Excel

Ways to lead teams to help them excel and embrace change is the topic of a recent discussion between Annie Luke, RN, nurse manager of the Post-anesthesia Care Unit and Same-day Surgery at Intermountain Medical Center, and CEO Marc Harrison, MD. Annie also shared how she responds as a leader when a member of her team refuses to embrace change.

Being Good Antibiotic Stewards

The importance of antibiotic stewardship, how Intermountain is leading the way in reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics, and how you can help reduce antibiotic resistance were the topics of this week’s podcast discussion with CEO Dr. Marc Harrison. The guests included Dr. Eddie Stenehjem, Intermountain’s medical director of antibiotic stewardship, Dr. Tony Wallin, urgent care medical director, and Dr. Adam Hersh from pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Utah.

Persevering After Failure

How do you get back up and keep trying after setbacks and failures? That the question Koffi Adzitso from Materials Management at Logan Regional Hospital discussed with CEO Dr. Marc Harrison in this week's podcast. In addition to his work at Intermountain, Koffi owns a gym, is a retired mixed martial arts fighter, and is part of the U.S. competitive grappling team. His family immigrated to America from west Africa when he was 11. He's faced many setbacks in life, but has risen above them and shares how he's done it.

Fostering Engaged Caregivers

Intermountain CEO Dr. Marc Harrison talked with two caregivers from the Memorial Clinic, Devin Reid, practice administrator, and Brandy Siniscal, practice director for Memorial Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, who shared how they've helped build a team of engaged caregivers. They also share some ideas caregivers on their team have submitted and how they encourage team members to share ideas.

Performing Under Pressure

Mady Howard, RN, an ICU nurse at Dixie Regional Medical Center, is a former gymnast and competitor on American Ninja Warrior. She told CEO Dr. Marc Harrison about performing well under pressure and how the lessons she's learned as an athlete help her succeed as a caregiver. Marc also shares some tips he learned as a pediatric critical care physician about performing under pressure.

How can we better serve diverse patients?

Two caregivers from the West Valley Clinic, Julie Escobar, medical assistant, and Ashley McDonagh, clinical practice director, joined Intermountain CEO Dr. Marc Harrison to discuss how Intermountain can better meet the needs of diverse patients, as well as how Intermountain can attract diverse caregivers.
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What should learning look like?

What should learning look like for Intermountain as a whole, and for individual caregivers? That’s the question Kristen Bowles, a learning business partner from Intermountain's Learning Network, asked CEO Dr. Marc Harrison in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.
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Open Offices

Are open floor plans helpful or hindering for nonclinical caregivers — and why are leaders like CEO Marc Harrison, MD, choosing to remove the walls and have no offices? Natasha Green, an HR communications specialist, talks with Marc about open floor plans — both the good and the bad — in the latest Thanks for Asking podcast.

Making Medical Products Affordable

Why are Intermountain’s costs for durable medical products sometimes much higher than similar products sold online, and are we doing anything to narrow the gap? That’s what Anita Harding, an accounting specialist on the payroll team, asked CEO Dr. Marc Harrison. For example, Anita said when she’s gone to buy equipment for her CPAP machine, she’s discovered it can be much less expensive to buy from online retailers instead of Intermountain.

Diversity and Inclusion

The importance of diversity and inclusion for both patients and caregivers was the topic of this week’s discussion between Natasha Ovuoba, the chair of Intermountain’s Multicultural Caregiver Resource Group, and Dr. Marc Harrison.
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One Intermountain Neonatal Care

Four caregivers from American Fork Hospital share a story of their heroic efforts to save the life of a Lehi newborn is the subject of this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast with CEO Marc Harrison, MD. The story illustrates how our new One Intermountain structure are helping our youngest patients receive the same consistently high-quality newborn care at all Intermountain hospitals.

What Does Reorg Success Look Like?

What’s your definition of success for Intermountain’s realignment? And can frontline caregivers expect more changes in the future? That’s what Brenda Puchalski, RN, surgical services director at Park City Hospital, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

How Can We Support Veterans?

How Intermountain can better support caregivers and patients who are military veterans was the topic of this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast discussion with CEO Marc Harrison, MD, and business application specialist Don Woodruff and HR business partner Lisa Duckworth. Don is a Navy veteran and Lisa is an Army veteran; they both serve as co-chairs of Intermountain’s Military Caregiver Resource Group. Marc, Don, and Lisa discussed the new Military Caregiver Resource Group and some ideas to help us better support veterans — including changing hiring practices to accept military training and partnering more with the VA.
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Increasing Preventive Care

What’s Intermountain’s strategy for increasing our focus on preventive care and wellness? Will SelectHealth increase the preventive services covered? And how should caregivers participate? Those are the questions Julienne West, an exercise physiologist at the Park City LiVe Well Center, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.
Healthcare Career Paths

Healthcare Career Paths

How do you go from being a resident and a fellow at Primary Children’s Hospital to the CEO of one of the top healthcare systems in the nation? And what advice do you have for someone just embarking on a career in healthcare? That’s what Marshall Wallace, a critical care tech at Primary Children's, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

Expanding OB Care in Rural Areas

How are we addressing the need for expanded obstetric services and choices in rural facilities? For example, at Park City Hospital many patients are traveling to Salt Lake or Utah counties for the OB care. How can we help women stay in their community for care? That’s what Mackenzie Visentin, RN, a labor and delivery nurse at Park City Hospital, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

Where Will Care Be Provided in the Future?

With healthcare moving more and more toward providing services in homes, online, and outside our facilities, what does that mean for Homecare and the outpatient and inpatient services we provide? That’s the question Tim Jensen, an occupational therapist for Homecare in Cache and Box Elder counties, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.
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Standardizing Products to Cut Costs

How can we better standardize the products providers and facilities use across the system to ensure we’re the best products at the lowest appropriate costs? And how can we address outliers who resist moving to standardized products? Those are the questions Trent Gee, a sourcing manager from Supply Chain, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

Intermountain compared to Kaiser

How does Intermountain Healthcare compare to Kaiser Permanente? That’s the question Kendal Hunter, a dietary technician at Utah Valley Hospital, ask CEO Dr. Marc Harrison on this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast. “I'm from the San Francisco Bay area, so I grew up going to Kaiser hospitals, and I’ve been with Intermountain for 20 years now,” Kendal says. “I was wondering if you could do a comparison between the two.”

Caregiver Experience Survey

Why are we doing a caregiver experience survey? What will be done with the results? How will we handle action plans? Those are the questions Brenda Puchalski, RN, the Surgical Services director at Park City Hospital, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

What’s Intermountain’s role in influencing the social determinants of health — such as food insecurity, housing instability, employment, personal safety and security, and environmental safety? That’s the question Brent Schmidt, the ancillary and support services director at Sevier Valley Hospital, discussed with CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.


Is Intermountain supportive of offering more work-from-home opportunities for caregivers where possible? That’s the question Tyler Shimakonis from Compliance at the Central Office asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

iCentra Downtime

Why did iCentra go down last week, how can we prevent future down times, and how can we be better prepared to treat patients if the electronic medical record does go down again? Those are the questions Mark Lewis, MD, an internal medicine physician at the Salt Lake Clinic, discussed with CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

One Intermountain NICUs

How are we working more as One Intermountain in our NICUs across Intermountain Healthcare? And how can we improve the ways we work together? Those are the questions CEO Marc Harrison, MD, asked longtime Primary Children's NICU nurse John Wentland, RN, on this week's Thanks for Asking podcast. John was among the team who helped train Marc when he was a pediatric ICU fellow at Primary Children's in the early 1990s, and Marc took the opportunity to learn from John again.

Protecting Caregivers From Violence

As a charge nurse in the Emergency Department at Intermountain Medical Center, Josh Lane, RN, has both witnessed and been a victim of violence from patients and their family members. He’s always concerned about the safety of himself and his team, which is why he asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, what can be done to better keep Intermountain caregivers safe from workplace violence.

Fixing Performance Evaluations

Do we really need annual performance evaluations? Are they worth the time, expense, and stress? Is there a more effective way to deliver feedback? Those are questions Primary Children’s NICU nurse John Wentland, RN, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

Help Finding Insurance

Leanne Peterson, RN, a clinical risk manager for Utah Valley, has three children over the age of 26 who are struggling to find the right health insurance plan. Their employers don’t offer insurance coverage and they’re not sure what to do. Leanne asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast if there’s anything Intermountain and SelectHealth can do to help young people like her kids find the right insurance plan for their needs.


Stopping Silos

How can we ensure that our leaders and caregivers are working together effectively in our new structure and not moving back into silos? That’s the question Heather Brace from Human Resources asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast. She also asked what we can do to help leaders and teams, who are used to working in smaller regions, successfully collaborate across the entire system.

Staffing Help

How can we cope with the added workload we’re seeing as a result of iCentra’s quirks? That’s the question Amanda Eaton, a patient service representative from the Salt Lake Clinic, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast. She also asked if offering optional overtime might be possible until we’re caught up and the quirks are resolved.

What’s Affordable?

How much less does healthcare need to cost to be considered affordable? That’s the question Sterling Bennett, MD, the medical director for Intermountain’s Central Lab, asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast.

Protecting Patient Data

Karen Siragusa from the finance team at Utah Valley Hospital asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD:

  • Now that we’ve partnered with global organizations for our patient account services, how are we ensuring all protected health information is kept safe?
  • Is our data at greater risk of being stolen now that global partners are involved?
  • If there was a breach of our data in a foreign country, how would we know and how would we respond?

Career Paths for Non-clinical Caregivers

Brad White from Supply Chain at Utah Valley Hospital asked CEO Dr. Marc Harrison:

  • What does the future hold for non-clinical caregivers?
  • What career opportunities can they expect in the new One Intermountain?
  • Will there be chances for Intermountain people who don’t provide direct patient care to grow and progress with our new structure?

Improving Training

How can we improve the training of our caregivers to prepare for the healthcare environment of future? That was the question Lance Earnshaw from Homecare asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in the latest Thanks for Asking podcast. Some of the things they talked about:

  • What’s Intermountain’s philosophy on partnering with medical schools, including DO schools, for medical training?
  • What changes do we need to make in our training programs for all clinicians?
  • What skills do medical professionals need to be successful?
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What's Our Future?

What will Intermountain Healthcare look like in 25 to 30 years? That’s what Brenden O’Neal from the Compliance team at Intermountain Medical Center asked Dr. Marc Harrison.
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Improving Access to Preventive Care

Wes Crouch, pharmacy director at Sanpete Valley Hospital, asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "How can we address the needs of under-insured patients?" and more.

Model Changes?

Becky Reck, RN, asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "with all the recent changes focused on saving money, is Intermountain changing to a for-profit model?" and more.

Aligning Staffing Levels

Tricia Boulton, RN, asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "how will we standardize staffing levels across Intermountain when each hospital functions differently?" and more.

Ensuring Rural Access

Traci Buchanan, RN, a facility educator at Sanpete Valley Hospital, asked Dr. Marc Harrison:

  • As Intermountain goes through changes, how are we ensuring that rural facilities will continue to have the support they need to best serve their communities?
  • What is the role of rural medicine in Intermountain moving forward?
  • Are there any plans to expand services offered at rural facilities?

Maintaining Safety & Quality Through Change.

Corinne Merzlock from the lab at Utah Valley Hospital asked Dr. Marc Harrison:

  • As we implement so many changes across the system, are we compromising quality or safety?
  • How can we ensure changes don’t negatively impact our patients?

Preventing Change Fatigue

Tricia Boulton, RN, asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "with so many changes coming so fast, how can we iron out the problems that arise from each change?" and more.


Maintaining Our Culture through Change

Candie Petty, RN, asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "as we go through so many changes, will we maintain our friendly, hometown culture?" and more.


Leaning Into Innovation: Are You Game?

Jeff Sanchez from Primary Children’s Hospital asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "what’s the right kind of growth?" and more.

Who Decides Who Will Do What?

Erin Olander, RN, asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "in a One Intermountain environment, will each hospital specialize in something?" and more.
Don Lappe

Right Place, Right Time.

Don Lappé, MD, asked Dr. Marc Harrison, "how will significant changes in the healthcare industry affect Intermountain?" and more.