Leanne Peterson, RN, a clinical risk manager for Utah Valley, has three children over the age of 26 who are struggling to find the right health insurance plan. Their employers don’t offer insurance coverage and they’re not sure what to do. Leanne asked CEO Marc Harrison, MD, in this week’s Thanks for Asking podcast if there’s anything Intermountain and SelectHealth can do to help young people like her kids find the right insurance plan for their needs.

“You’re pointing out a much larger problem, which is that not only is healthcare very expensive, but this is all very complicated,” Marc says. “Imagine if your kids didn’t have a nurse for a mom… As an industry we have an obligation to demystify and simplify things so that regular hard-working people can not only afford their health insurance and their healthcare, but also understand how to navigate the system for themselves.” Three resources to help with finding insurance coverage: