The Advanced Training Program (ATP) is a  21-day in-depth course designed for healthcare professionals who need to teach, implement, and investigate quality improvement, outcome measurement, and management of both clinical and non-clinical processes. The ATP takes place over  twelve weeks, allowing participants to apply knowledge and skills learned from each session to their work in quality improvement. 

ATP Learning Objectives

1. Context: Healthcare Systems and Their Challenges 

Upon completion of this section participants will be able to:

  • Map the landscape of healthcare systems and describe the urgent challenges we face today 
  • Summarize how quality improvement has historically aided both business and healthcare 
  • Appreciate the role quality improvement has played within Intermountain Health in improving clinical outcomes 
  • Comprehend how to scientifically evaluate healthcare performance 
  • Identify their role, opportunities to act, available resources and cultural components needed to address these challenges 

2. Improving Lives by Improving Healthcare Processes

Upon completion of this section participants will be able to: 

  • Articulate the basic theories underlying Quality Improvement and the case for driving high adherence to evidence-based best-practice guidelines 
  • Successfully plan, lead and complete a quality improvement project 
  • Formulate a project approach based on guidance from past project examples 
  • Understand the Model for Improvement, Problem Solving A3, and Intermountain’s Clinical Best Practice Implementation Model 
  • Select and apply appropriate models and tools to their project 
  • Measure and evaluate improvement outcomes 
  • Synthesize the results of their project for Sr Leadership, sharing the models and tools selected and decision-making processes applied during their project 

3. Intermountain’s Structure, Resources, and System for Improvement 

Upon completion of this section participants will be able to: 

  • Summarize the intent and work of each major support group within Intermountain Health
  • Identify the structures within their organization to support quality improvement 
  • Anaylze how these support groups coordinate to systematically improve quality 

4. Becoming an Organization that Systematically Improves Processes

Upon completion of this section participants will be able to: 

  • Articulate the vision of a learning health system that is ideally organized to continually improve outcomes for patients and communities through quality improvement Explain how a quality management system can help to bring this vision about
  • Describe the elements of a quality management system that are critical to supporting quality improvement 
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their own organization to systematically succeed at quality improvement 
  • Identify a logical next step for one’s organization in realizing the vision  

5. Your Role in Leading Improvement

Upon completion of this section participants will be able to:

  • Develop a detailed plan to complete their quality improvement project once class has completed 
  • Create an outcome statement for the contribution they would like to make to improving healthcare processes 
  • Assess their current reality and identify what resources support and/or inhibit their desired outcome statement 
  • Assess and establish goals for personal development using QI leadership competencies
  • Develop a detailed plan to pursue their career aspirations once this class has completed 

As part of the course, and to help with Kirkpatrick Level 4 learning, each participant must select, complete, and report an improvement project. ATP faculty and analysts provide consultation and support for this important hands-on experience. These projects are often starting points for more ambitious and sustained endeavors in the participants' home organizations and departments. The

ATP also allows participants the opportunity to join a national/international network that provides ongoing support and information sharing for future collaborations.


The Advanced Training Program (ATP) is designed for healthcare professionals who are in positions of administrative and/or clinical leadership, and/or those who are responsible for designing and/or managing quality improvement initiatives and/or quality improvement training or education programs.

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