Program Overview

The Advanced Training Program in Clinical Quality Improvement (ATP) has been Intermountain’s flagship training program in quality improvement for more than 30 years with over 6,500 graduates and more than 50 sister programs across the globe. The ATP is designed for healthcare professionals who need to teach, implement, and/or investigate quality improvement, outcome measurement, and management of both clinical and non-clinical processes.

Learning Objectives

The ATP has recently been redesigned to meet priorities for system-level clinical quality improvement projects essential for improving health, service and cost outcomes in a value-based care model. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Join the mission to improve healthcare through process improvement and a set of values supportive of that mission
  • Understand a set of theoretical frameworks, tools and techniques that are associated with healthcare process improvement
  • Recognize a set of Intermountain institutions and practices that are relevant to healthcare process improvement
  • Apply specific quality improvement skills to improve healthcare processes

What Participants Learn

  • Context: Understanding the healthcare system and its challenges including the imperative to change using clinical quality improvement to improve outcomes
  • Process Improvement
    • Model for Improvement/A3 Problem Solving
    • Driving adherence to evidence-based best practice guidelines
  • Intermountain structure and resources
  • Working toward a healthcare organization that systematically improves processes
  • Participant’s role in quality improvement


The ATP is designed for healthcare professionals who are in positions of administrative and/or clinical leadership, those who are responsible for designing and/or managing quality improvement initiatives and/or quality improvement training or education programs.

ATP Curriculum Roadmap