Intermountain Ventures is dedicated to innovation incubation and developing commercial opportunities with Intermountain departments. It also includes the Intermountain Foundry, a program designed specifically to help caregivers develop their business products and models. 

Intermountain Foundry Program

The Intermountain Foundry supports internal caregiver innovation by providing a structured framework that turns caregiver ideas and near-market concepts into commercial businesses.

The Intermountain Foundry helps Intermountain inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs determine the commercial viability of their business concepts and scale them throughout Intermountain Healthcare and the broader healthcare industry.

Through a structured eight-week process, Intermountain innovators refine their business concept, validate the market opportunity, identify product development or service needs, and develop a plan for growth including go-to-market strategy and funding needs. Foundry participants also have the opportunity to seek investment following a rigorous planning process.