At Intermountain Healthcare, we enjoy the privilege of working with associates from a variety of heritages with different traditions, customs, backgrounds, and perspectives. No matter where you are from or your lifestyle you can find a place you'll fit in here.

Intermountain Healthcare’s Office of Equity and Inclusion was created in 2017 to support the integration of equitable and inclusive practices across all Intermountain departments and areas. Their mission is to foster a culture where every caregiver experiences a sense of belonging and is empowered to perform their best, while providing culturally competent care.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion works on visible awareness-raising programs, such as events, trainings, Caregiver (Employee) Resource Groups, and multimedia marketing. More fundamentally, it includes focus on ongoing policies and practices for how to hire, nurture, and develop a diverse and culturally competent workforce, listen to diverse caregivers, and source from diverse local vendors in the community.

Intermountain’s mission and core values revolve around integrity, trust, excellence, accountability, and mutual respect. These values set the foundation for us to increase our awareness about the backgrounds and expectations of those we serve in order to provide extraordinary care.

As we live Intermountain's values, employees feel more valued, respected, empowered, and are more highly engaged to work together for the communities we serve. The diversity in our workforce brings a variety of new ideas and perspectives into the company, involving everyone and every department within our organization.

There are many faces of Intermountain, and each of those faces makes up a team that calls Intermountain home. Becoming a part of the Intermountain family lets you develop your career skills, meet new people and create lasting relationships.

Caregiver Resource Group Information



 About Us

Caregiver Resource Groups (CRGs) are organizationally supported groups of employees drawn together by common interests, shared characteristic or life experiences that are focused on encouraging an exchange of ideas, promoting a greater sense of belonging and enhancing career and personal development of caregivers in the workplace. Anyone can join a group if they are interested. Caregiver Resource Groups provide an opportunity to learn more about our respective colleagues and promote individuals working together to help support the organization’s objectives.

Intermountain currently has six Caregiver (Employee) Resource Groups:

  • Empowering Women: Engages and empowers women to further develop leadership skills.
  • Military: Builds a supportive environment for veterans and military employees at Intermountain.
  • LGBTQ+: Raises awareness and visibility of the culture of LGBTQ+ employees within Intermountain, while positively impacting LGBTQ+ patients, members, and communities. Learn more about our efforts here.
  • Women in Medicine: Strives to increase the number and influence of women physicians and clinicians in leadership roles at Intermountain, while providing networking opportunities.
  • Multicultural: Provides cultural support, education, service, and talent development opportunities to Intermountain employees, patients, members, and communities.
  • Women in Analytics: Provides networking, mentoring, and training opportunities specifically for women in analytic roles.

To learn more about Intermountain’s Caregiver Resource Groups or the Office of Equity and Inclusion, please email us.