When a prominent Utah business leader was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he asked a Harvard physician who could provide the best care. To the man’s surprise, the name offered was a doctor in his own backyard: Dr. William Sause at the Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Center.

With the support of Dr. Sause and his team, the man proceeded with treatment and eventually won his battle with cancer. In gratitude, the man and his wife approached the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation with a desire to help Dr. Sause create a standard of care for patients with similar cancers.

This led to an Endowed Research Fund for Urological Oncology at Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Center. This philanthropic gift brings together best practices into a single protocol, supported by clinical research. This partnership ensures that proven methods for treating prostate cancer are consistently applied, benefitting the most patients.

Gifts like these are enhancing care and improving outcomes for patients not just in the state of Utah, but also around the world. Through his health care journey, these generous donors were moved to “pay it forward” in the hopes of relieving pain and suffering for future generations.