Hot air balloons dotting a summer sky may inspire whimsical thoughts. Rarely do they inspire multi-million-dollar gifts. But that’s exactly what happened as Heather Kahlert enjoyed the Freedom Festival’s annual Hot Air Balloon event in Provo.

Heather, who is Vice President of the Kahlert Family Foundation recalled, “As I watched the balloons floating in the sky, I noticed construction work nearby at the hospital (Utah Valley Hospital). When I learned that the work was to replace the existing hospital with a brand new, leading edge facility, I knew I wanted to help.”

As a result, the Kahlert Foundation pledged $3 million to the Campaign for Utah Valley Hospital. Of particular interest to Heather is children’s healthcare. The hospital recently became part of the Primary Children’s Network and has a team of 26 pediatric specialists who work closely with Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. More than five years in the making, the new Network means that except in the most serious of circumstances, pediatric patients and their families no longer have to travel to Salt Lake for some of the country’s most advanced pediatric care.

“We’re extremely grateful to Primary Children’s and the Intermountain family for the exceptional medical care provided to my children,” said Heather. “The Kahlert Foundation is proud to support this hospital expansion and is excited that Primary Children’s Network is now close to home.”