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Budge Clinic

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Intermountain Health

Budge Clinic

Budge Clinic offers allergy and immunology, dermatology, nutrition services, otolaryngology, family medicine, gastroenterology, surgical services, audiology, imaging and radiology, internal medicine, ob-gyn, children's health and more located in Logan, UT.

Our Services

Allergy and immunology

Our allergy experts detect, treat, and empower individuals to manage allergies, offering personalized diagnosis and treatment plans.

Heart and vascular

Our heart and vascular experts use advanced technology to improve cardiovascular health. From diagnostics to advanced treatments, we prioritize your heart's well-being


Our certified dermatologists treat various skin conditions, offering quick relief and ensuring your comfort during the process.

Nutrition services

Intermountain Healthcare Nutrition Services, with over 140 registered dietitian nutritionists, promotes community health through evidence-based care and medically-sound nutrition practices.

Ear, nose, and throat

Our ENT specialists address hearing, balance, voice, taste, and language issues, creating tailored treatment plans to relieve your symptoms.

Family medicine

Comprehensive healthcare for all ages, focusing on prevention and wellness


Our GI specialists offer swift diagnosis and treatment for digestive issues, improving your well-being for the present and future.

Surgical services

Our general surgeons ease surgery fears, handling a wide range of conditions through open and minimally invasive procedures.


We offer all-age hearing and balance care, where audiologists and therapists collaborate to tailor solutions to your needs.

Imaging and radiology

Our imaging services cover bones, organs, muscles, and more. We provide accurate diagnoses for injuries, diseases, and answers.

Internal medicine

Specialized in adult healthcare, managing complex illnesses and chronic conditions

Plastic surgery

Our specialty clinic offers top-notch reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, with a focus on cancer reconstruction, grafts, flaps, and cosmetic procedures.

Psychiatric careOB-GYN

Intermountain Health caters to women's evolving needs, providing holistic care from gynecology to mental health, promoting well-being at every stage of life

Children's health and pediatrics

Intermountain Health offers Utah's most extensive care network for kids, delivering quality, compassionate care from minor to complex issues.


Our foot and ankle specialists diagnose discomfort's source using clinical exams and tests, crafting personalized care plans for a comfortable life.


We specialize in joint, bone, tendon, and muscle conditions. Our experts collaborate with your primary care physician for personalized care.


Intermountain Health offers advanced urological care for male and female urinary tracts and male reproductive issues, prioritizing least invasive treatments with personalized plans.