Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy is a unique treatment approach. It is best known for treating injured SCUBA divers, but it is also used to treat:

  • Problem wounds, including some diabetic wounds, skin grafts, crash injuries, and wounds due to other circulation problems
  • Radiation-damaged tissues (such as bowel, bladder, skin, and bone)
  • Certain acute and chronic infections, such as gas gangrene, bacterial and fungal infections, and bone infections
  • Acute carbon monoxide poisoning 
  • Gas embolism
  • Sudden, painless vision loss in one eye
  • Sudden loss of hearing in one ear

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is breathing 100 percent oxygen at pressure two or three times greater than the atmospheric pressure at sea level. This dissolves more oxygen in the bloodstream and delivers it to every part of the body. Hyperbaric oxygen helps the healing process by stimulation blood vessel growth and enhancing the immune system's ability to fight infection. 

Hyperbaric oxygen may be the primary treatment for some disorders, but is more often used as part of a comprehensive plan of care involving antibiotics and surgery. Providers work closely with each patient's current team of care providers to monitor their progress. 

At LDS Hospital, our patients are treated in monoplace (single person) chambers. They are made of acrylic and filled with 100 percent oxygen. The number of treatments that a person will receive is determined by what is being treated and the patient's response to therapy. 

Our Hyperbaric Medicine services are based in the East wing of LDS Hospital on Level 6. Many patients receive their first treatments directly from the emergency department, while others are referred to us by their physician. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at LDS Hospital

LDS Hospital Hyperbaric Medicine Center

Open today: 24 hours
6th Floor, Take main elevators to the 6th floor, turn east while following the signs directing you to hyperbaric.