Should you give birth in a hospital or another setting? In most cases, women will choose to deliver their baby at the hospital where their healthcare provider has admitting privileges. Choosing to deliver in a hospital ensures expectant mothers and infants have access to expert care and advanced care if there is a concern during the labor and delivery process. LDS Hospital has recently renovated our labor and delivery floor to ensure pregnant women are as comfortable as possible, and have access to the care they need.

Advantages of a Hospital Birth

Many women appreciate the care and treatment options that are available at a hospital. When you choose to deliver at LDS Hospital, you will be able to have access and peace of mind knowing some of the plus-sides to a hospital birth including:

  • Modern-day equipment and care. At LDS Hospital, we have access to some of the latest equipment needed to provide expert care for pregnant women and newborns.
  • Safety and access to advanced care. If there is a concern during the labor, women have access to medical professionals with advanced care and training. Hospital births are the safest childbirth environment for you and your baby if any unforeseen complications arise.
  • Access to an operating room. No two deliveries are the same. Some labors can go awry and an emergency cesarean section is needed to save the life of the mother and child. At LDS Hospital, our labor rooms are close to operating rooms for cesarean section procedures.
  • Pain management and care. Anesthesiologists are on staff to provide women with medication as needed to ease the pain during the labor and delivery process.

LDS Hospital – Caring for You!

At LDS Hospital, we want to make this day one of the most memorable in your life. We will work with mothers and their birth plans. Our on-site physicians, obstetricians, and nursing staff are available to answer any questions you may have.

We provide tours of the labor and delivery floor to help new parents understand what to expect. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you are ready to deliver at LDS Hospital, call our team today to schedule an appointment or tour of our labor and delivery floor.

Services We Offer


Labor and Delivery

Are you planning on a hospital birth? Find out how LDS Hospital can provide you with the best support for labor and delivery in Utah. 
A pregnant woman is examined by her physician

Maternal Fetal Medicine

What can you expect from maternal fetal medicine? LDS Hospital can provide care for high-risk pregnancies. Call today to schedule an apportionment.


Maternity Care

Are you searching for maternity care in Utah? LDS Hospital provides care for your entire pregnancy, and post-delivery needs.


Nurse Midwifery

Our nurse midwifery services in Salt Lake City, Utah provide prenatal care, labor and delivery, and well-women services.
A pregnant woman is examined by her physician

Prenatal Care

LDS Hospital provides excellent prenatal care in Salt Lake City. Our physicians provide the latest care in prenatal medicine to help you have a healthy pregnancy.


Special Care Nursery

The special care nursery at LDS Hospital provides advanced care for newborns that are not well enough to go home. Infants receive 24-hour pediatric care from our qualified LDS Hospital team.


Womens Preventative Health

Preventive care doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, most of the things you need to do only once, or not very often.