One of the easiest—and best-tasting—ways to cook veggies is with steam. Steaming helps keep all the good stuff (nutrients) in, retains the color and texture, and brings out the fresh flavor.

Steaming vegetables is simple

You can use a steamer basket if you have one, but it's even easier to do in the microwave. Wash and cut up veggies, then place in a glass bowl in about two inches of water. Cover with a microwave-safe lid or plastic wrap (make sure you leave a corner open for venting) and zap at "high" for about five minutes. Be super-careful taking the dish out of the microwave and removing the cover; the bowl and steam will be hot.

Steamed veggies are delish on their own, but there are ways to add yet more flavor without a lot of fat and calories. A sprinkle of grated Parmesan is yummy on top of steamed broccoli or cauliflower, while some cinnamon and a bit of butter added to steamed and mashed winter squash makes a tasty treat. Pepper, a bit of sea salt, dill, and thyme can also be good—experiment to find seasonings you like.

And not only are steamed veggies great on their own, but you can add them to your favorite foods for a healthy veggie boost, too. Try mixing steamed broccoli and carrots into mac-and-cheese for a delicious, balanced meal; quesadillas with a bit of grated cheese are delicious with zucchini and/or spinach; and you can mix steamed vegetables into an omelet as well.​