This paved 1.5-mile loop trail circles a natural wetland area in the Foxboro neighborhood of North Salt Lake. The trail is mostly level and perfect for walkers, bikers and those in wheelchairs. The trail connects to the Legacy Parkway Trail for those seeking a longer route. This trail is suitable for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels.


This trail is located in the Foxboro neighborhood of North Salt Lake. To reach the trail from I-15 in Davis County:

  1. Take Exit 315 for 2600 South
  2. Turn west onto 1100 North/2600 South and continue 1.4 miles to Redwood Road
  3. Turn left onto Redwood Road and continue 0.6 miles to Foxboro Drive
  4. Continue on Foxboro Drive for 0.8 miles, going straight through two traffic circles before arriving at the point that the Foxboro Wetlands Trail crosses the road
  5. Park on the side of the road near the trail crosswalks (40.84960,-111.94031)

The Route

Near where you parked, the Foxboro Wetlands Trail crosses in two places, at just a little over 100 feet apart. Both crossings are part of the loop, making it possible to begin riding or walking in either direction. For this description, begin on the north crosswalk heading east toward the mountains. Follow the trail as it heads in a northeast direction with homes to your left and the wetlands area to your right.

Keep walking to the next crosswalk on Fox Hollow Drive. Check for traffic and continue walking east. Fantastic views of the Wasatch Mountains in the distance give a nice backdrop to the serene wetlands. As you walk, watch for birds and other wildlife that call the wetlands home.

Soon the trail intersects with a sidewalk on Cutler Drive. Turn right and follow the sidewalk 100 yards south to the junction with the south side of the loop. Turn right and continue heading west as the trail winds through tall grasses and lush wetland foliage.

Check for traffic and keep going as the trail crosses Fox Hollow Drive and Foxboro Drive once again, before continuing on to the west end of the loop. Follow the trail as it turns north and passes by the junction for the Legacy Parkway Trail before turning east again and returning to your starting point. Take another lap, or for a longer walk or ride, try out the Legacy Parkway Trail.

Rules & Regulations

Stay on designated trails.

Clean up after pets.

Pack out all trash.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.