Care for each other while caring for patients

When you join the Intermountain team, you’ll join a dedicated team of nurses who work closely together and support each other, learn together, and celebrate one another. Our nurses are committed to providing a collaborative environment to provide the safest and highest quality of care for our patients.

A culture of collaboration, learning, teamwork, and growth

Through the nursing culture at Intermountain, your voice is important, and you’ll be able to make a difference. You will find a wide variety of fulfilling and rewarding opportunities to create connections, build relationships, learn from other nurses, and work together. Intermountain offers opportunities for growth in nursing education, administration, and advanced patient care. Here, you can plan your career development based on your individual goals.


"At Intermountain we are committed to providing the safest and highest quality care. As an Intermountain Nurse I am continuously supported by leadership with not only all the tools and resources necessary to provide this care, but also to make the experience for the patient the best possible. No one ever wants to be in the hospital, but if we make it the best experience, coupled with safe, high quality care, and ensuring great outcomes our patients leave knowing we care, we love them, and that we would provide that same care for them again, for their family, and for their community! I can’t ask for more as a nurse. I come to work every day with the intent to give the absolute best care possible and I leave work every day knowing our team did just that!" - Amy Bennett, Nurse Manager of Medical/Surgical, Cedar City Hospital


"Intermountain Healthcare is an evolving hospital system and is continually seeking current state of the art procedures, processes and educational materials with-in this changing world. I have been astonished at all the educational opportunities that I, as a registered nurse, have had and been a part of. What an amazing hospital system to be involved in that wants to help everyone live their healthiest lives possible! To provide excellent care and experiences, to not only patients but to their employees, it is amazing. Amazing that as a nurse I can provide safe, excellent and life saving things for people in my community. This is why I choose to be an Intermountain nurse…to help everyone live their healthiest lives possible!" - Sally Edgar, Women's Specialist RN, Cassia Regional Hospital


"What I love about being a nurse for Intermountain Healthcare is the driving force behind “extraordinary care.” Intermountain’ s  mission and core values are unlike any other healthcare organization I’ve ever worked for. Intermountain healthcare has always demanded excellence in the delivery of healthcare and safety has always been at the forefront of everything we do. In addition, we have continually strived to do what is best for the patient and their families and for the providers who provide care for those patients as well. In my dual role as a patient advocate AND an occupational health nurse, I have opportunity to take care of our providers AND our patients. One might say I get to live the best of both worlds! In my time with Intermountain, I’ve learned that well and happy caregivers provide exceptional care to our patients and I’m a huge part of both sides! I’ve lived in Cedar City for over 25 years, and as a young mom to three young boys, my family and I have always been patients at Intermountain Healthcare facilities, and we felt that extraordinary care even back then. I knew I would work for this organization someday and I’ve been employed with Intermountain for 12 years. I’m proud to work for an organization that will not accept anything less than total excellence for both our patients and our caregivers. In this way, Intermountain Healthcare’s mission, vision and values, motivates me to be the best nurse that I can be.... every single day!" - Janet Malachowski, Patient Advocacy Experience Consultant/Occupational Health, Cedar City Hospital


"When I was 4 yrs old I was in a horse riding accident that led me to be transported to Valley View Medical Center in Cedar City. I had 13 fractures in my pelvis and right hip socket as well as some broken ribs. I still have memories of that experience and the love I felt from complete strangers that cared for me along with my Mom. I still have a blanket I received during my hospital stay from volunteers with “Valley View Medical Center” imprinted on the corner. This sparked my interest into nursing and from when I was just that little girl I always knew I wanted to care for and love others as I had been at that hospital. Throughout my life I have had experiences in other healthcare settings, but none that drew me in more that Intermountain and my home away from home here at now Cedar City Hospital. I started working at Intermountain at the age of 18 and have been working her for 13 years. Coming back here and working with some of the caregivers that cared for me all those years ago is an honor. Intermountain supported me getting my nursing degree through encouraging leaders, flexible schedules, and tuition reimbursement. I have been afforded so many amazing opportunities and experiences through my career here. I will be forever grateful. I would want to practice nursing no where other than Intermountain Healthcare. Their high regard for patient safety and the safety of caregivers is like none other. I know that each and everyday there is such great work happening to assure top of the line care is provided to our patients. The best part is that I get to do that while still loving and caring for my patients. I am afforded the opportunity to positively impact my patients and my teams lives. I feel at home walking through the doors of any of our facilities through out the large geographic region. I feel welcome and cared for whether talking to a leader in my facility or speaking with Dr. Harrison our CEO. I know that the executive leadership at Intermountain cares about every single caregiver and every single patient. The stewardship done to provide services to our patient’s just warms my heart. Having the ability to contribute to these efforts myself by doing the great work I do each day is what makes this organization so great. I hold great pride in being an “Intermountain Nurse.” I look forward to the next 35 years with an organization that always puts the patient first." - Amanda Cooley, Learning Specialist, BSN, RN, Cedar City Hospital


"I love working for a corporation that encourages their nurses to grow and expand their knowledge and talents. I love working for a corporation that provides clear guidelines, resources, and education to provide the best care possible.  And even though I work at a rural hospital with limited specialties, the support and resources (telemedicine!!!!) we receive from the larger hospitals makes it possible to give exceptional care to our patients. Proud to be an Intermountain nurse!" - Andrea Wardle, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Fillmore Community Hospital


"Intermountain’s Mission, Vision, and Values correlate with my own personal values. I also love the healing commitments and how they encourage us to live the healthiest life possible. I cannot think of a better place to work that aligns so perfectly with the way I try to live my life. I am so excited that I have so much support as a nurse from Intermountain to be my best self possible!" - Charity Tingey, RN Coordination, Fillmore Community Hospital