Programs for Kids

Our LiVe Well Library offers a variety of classes for children of all ages. Special classes and discounts can be arranged for groups of 10 or more.  

  • Babysitting. For children ages 9-14. Teaches babysitter's responsibility to provide fun and safe child care. Participants learn about infant care, safety, CPR, first aid, and fun activities. A homework packet must be completed before the class begins.  Includes a light lunch, bag, and babysitting book.
  • Healthy Capable Kids. For children ages 8-13. Teaches how to live a healthy lifestyle while providing self-care when they are at home alone. Topics include what to do in an emergency situation, simple first aid, stranger danger, internet safety, the benefits of exercise and the importance of eating right. This class includes some exercising and options for healthy snacking.
  • Capable Kids.  For children ages 7-13.  Teaches self-care when they are at home alone. Participants learn what to do in an emergency situation, stranger danger, internet safety, simple first aid techniques, and how to set up a contract with mom and dad for house rules.

Programs for Expecting Parents

Our Women and Newborn Center offers a variety of classes to help prepare you for your baby's birth and answer your questions and concerns about pregnancy, labor and delivery. 
  • Early Pregnancy. For expectant parents in the earliest stages of pregnancy through six months.
  • Prepared Childbirth. For expectant parents in their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.
  • Prenatal Weekend: For those with schedules that won't accommodate regular childbirth courses.
  • Breastfeeding. Helps educate expectant parents about the art of breastfeeding and its benefits to mom and baby.
  • Hypnobirthing. For expectant parents who desire a natural approach to childbirth.
  • Lamaze:  For expectant parents who want to utilize the Lamaze technique of relaxation and breathing along with touch, stroke and massage.
  • Prenatal/Lamaze Refresher. For those that have already had a baby that need a refresher course.
  • Infant Safety. Includes baby proofing your home, infant CPR and car safety.
  • Parenting Class. For parents who have concerns about he physical and mental preparation necessary to be successful parenting.
  • Big Brother / Big Sister Party. Prepares siblings for the arrival of a new baby. At least one parent or adult must attend.