The Logan Regional Hospital Gift Shop is a not-for-profit store located on campus that features a variety of gifts for purchase. Revenue from the gift shop is used to support needs for patients, their family members, and our community.

The items listed below, and more, are available for purchase at the gift shop. If you would like to order over the phone, please give us a call. We are happy to deliver to patients in the hospital.

Items Available for Purchase

Balloons Ast

Assorted Mylar Balloons - $2.00 - $2.95 each

Helium filled, long lasting mylar balloons available in solid colors or for a specific occasion: newborn, get well, birthday, congratulations, thank you, and more. Please order individually.

Flower Arrangements - $15 - $40.00

Beautiful flower arrangements for all occasions and price range.
Please note: Picture is a representation and not actual arrangement. Flowers & Colors vary and are based on availability.

Plush Assortment - Varies

Our plush collection includes a super-soft variety of Ty, JellyCat, and Demdaco animals.

Warmies - $9.00-$18.00

Soothing warmth and Comfort”. Warm them in a microwave or freeze them for a cold pack, either is sure to provide comfort to those of all ages.
Angel of Mine

Angel of Mine Willow Tree Figurine - $47.25

"This piece is inspired by the memory of holding my children when they were really tiny … holding them so close that it involves all of your senses … the scent of the fuzzy head against your cheek, the skin-to-skin warmth, the realization that you can love another being so very, very much. I wanted to capture that sensory memory that every mother has from when she held her newborn infant—an innermost quiet joy. The sentiment has a lullaby feel to it.” —Susan Lordi, creator
Our Gift

Our Gift Willow Tree Figurine - $50.00

"I remember when we brought our first-born home, and walked into our house. I had an overwhelming sense of fulfillment — it seemed like our whole house was warm and full of light. When you bring a new baby home, all of a sudden you understand the excitement of being a family — this, now, is your family. It’s the start of something wonderful and new, and that, in and of itself, is a joyful gift.” —Susan Lordi, creator
Thank you

Thank you Willow Tree Figurine - $32.00

“'Thank You' is an expression we use daily… from an impersonal quick comment to a more heart-felt appreciation of support from parents, family, friends, teachers, volunteers. I hope this piece can be used for all those circumstances when you want to say 'Thank You'. The gesture of the figure, leaning forward, is an offer of gratitude and hospitality. The flowers are classic, timeless peonies, which release a beautiful fragrance, and whose lifecycle can span generations.” —Susan Lordi, creator
Warm Embrace

Warm Embrace Willow Tree Figurine - $31.00

"Warm Embrace is about what fills our senses in the summer—the feel of sunshine on your skin, the smell of freshly mown grass, the sound of insects, the taste of home-grown tomatoes—all that comes with summer. A warm embrace by family and friends can somehow, magically, provide these same sensations... no matter what time of year." —Susan Lordi, creator
Snoozie Slumber Sleepers

Slumber Sleepers - $10.00

Chenille polyester crochet knit socks infused with natural shea butter. They are warm, soft and comfy. Pastels and Gemstones.

Muslin Swaddle Blanket - $26.00

Lightweight muslin cotton blanket to swaddle your baby.