Accredited as an Intermountain Cancer Center, Logan Regional is recognized for providing patients with access to a full scope of services required to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and support patients with cancer.


Cancer Treatments

We use advanced technology to determine what treatment will work best for each individual.


Detection Methods

Early detection leads to a better chance at recovery.


Cancer Support Services

At Logan Regional Hospital we offer a wide variety of support services for cancer patients.

Cancer Center Wish List


How can I help?

Here are a few small items that make a huge difference to our  patients:

  • Candy (all kinds are great, but chocolate is wonderful!)
  • Gas Cards
  • Cancer Comfort Kits (small gift bag with hand lotion, sanitizer, chapstick and chewing gum)
  • Gift cards to nearby restaurants, movies, book stores, grocery stores, hotels, etc.
  • Puzzle Books, Suduko, Crossword
  • Gaming consule and games
  • Amazon gift card to purchase books/CD’s for our library
  • Donate to the Logan Regional Hospital Foundation, Cancer Center fund 

Items can be dropped off at the Logan Cancer Center 1281 N 600 E Logan, UT.