The thigh lift procedure, also called an inner thigh lift or thighplasty, is used to tighten loose, sagging skin over the thighs and upper knees.

When is a thigh lift beneficial?

For patients who have not achieved goals for more proportionate body contouring in the thighs by exercise and weight loss, a thigh lift is beneficial. This procedure reduces excess skin and reshapes the thighs. It smooths the skin and results in better-proportioned contours of the thighs and lower body.

How is a thigh lift performed?

There are several methods for thighplasty surgery:

  • Inner thigh lifts are best for individuals with a moderate amount of skin and fat, and the incision is hidden in the groin fold.
  • Vertical thighplasty has an incision from the groin crease to the inner knee, and the surgeon removes a wedge from the inner thigh. This is best for those with more significant amounts of skin and fat.
  • Outer thigh lifts are the most extensive, and the incision starts at the groin and goes around the hip.

What results can I expect?

Thigh lift results are visible almost immediately and are long-lasting. Some visible scarring will remain.

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