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Based on research and a better understanding of the complex challenges we face in managing our health for better quality of life, LiVe Well provides some new tools and fresh ideas to help you better manage your health through better choices that establish healthier habits and a new way of life for you and your family.

LiVe Well provides fun games, apps, downloadable posters and habit trackers to help you get active and make better lifestyle choices.

  • LiVe Island Game
    This innovative game is a fun way for kids and teens to select an avatar and go on an adventure that lets them make choices.
  • 8 to LiVe Well By — Healthy Habits Tracker
    An easy way to track your eating and activity habits, the Tracker is colorful and comprehensive, and captures all of the Healthy Habits for quick reference.
  • Just Be Active — Poster
    Here is a great poster that offers several ideas to increase physical activity into daily life.