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Super Sitter Safety Class at Riverton Hospital

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Babysitting is an enormous responsibility. Participants ages 10 to 15 will learn how to provide safe and fun care to infants and young children.

Family nutrition

Healthy Habits, Healthy Families

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This class focuses on nutrition, physical activity and behavior change. Planned with special care in light of COVID-19, the course will include 1:1 visits with a dietitian and physical therapist, and a mix of virtual and in-person small group activities.


The Weigh to Health

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In addition to being accredited as a CDC-approved diabetes prevention program, The Weigh to Health uses evidence-based methods to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and address a number of weight related health conditions.

A pregnant woman is examined by her physician

Free Online Birth Class

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This free online class offers anytime, anywhere education powered by YoMingo®, a program designed to give you the tools and support you need at every stage of your pregnancy.