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Preparing for Surgery

108 Occurrences

Good preparation can help kids feel less anxious about the anesthesia and surgery and get through the recovery period faster.


Low Risk Birth Class

4 Occurrences

Low Risk Birth Class will focus on birth being normal and natural for those who are choosing low intervention births.

Week 33

Third Trimester Saturday One Day

9 Occurrences

Topics discussed in this day-long class held on a Saturday for soon-to-be mothers include physical and emotional changes of  pregnancy, warning signs, nutrition, labor signs, and the process of labor.  Also covered are birthing options, anesthesia options, labor complications, hospital care and procedures, postpartum care, newborn care, and breastfeeding.


Weigh to Health

9 Occurrences

The Weigh to Health Program is an accredited Diabetes Prevention Program for overweight adults who want to lose weight. Our program uses evidence based methods to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and address health concerns like prediabetes and other weight related conditions.

Riverton Family 5K

Riverton Hospital Family 5K and Diaper Derby 2018

3 Occurrences

Register for our Riverton Hospital Family 5K and Diaper Derby!


Super Sitter Class

8 Occurrences

Babysitting is an enormous responsibility. Participants ages 11 to 14 will learn how to provide safe and fun care to infants and young children.


Sibling Class

4 Occurrences

This class is for children who are expecting a new baby in their family.


Breastfeeding Class

6 Occurrences

This class will help expectant moms prepare to breastfeed as soon as their babies are born.


Third Trimester Childbirth Class

3 Occurrences

This four-week evening course helps prepare mothers in their third trimester of pregnancy perpare for the final stages of pregnancy and the labor and delivery process.

Stop the Bleed web graphic

Stop the Bleed

2 Occurrences

Learn simple steps to keep injured people alive until medical care is available at the Stop the Bleed community educational event.