During your visit, you'll have access to our cancer team, which includes medical and radiation oncologists, registered nurses, social workers, certified dietitians, genetics counselors, American Cancer Society patient navigators, and financial counselors. 

  • Medical Oncologist. (Hematology/Oncology) An internist with training and experience in the treatment of cancer. They coordinate patient care form diagnosis through the course of the disease, assisting with pain and symptom management. When needed, they prescribe chemotherapy and other anti-cancer drugs.
  • Radiation Oncologist. Provides radiation therapy treatment such as brachytherapy and image guided radiation therapy. They develop and prescribe cancer treatment plans and monitor patient progress. 
  • Social Worker. Supports and counsels patients about the psychological, social, emotional, spiritual and financial issues associated with cancer. Help patients access community resources. 
  • Certified Dietitian. Helps patients maintain an optimal weight during and after cancer treatment through meal plans, exercise goals and behavior modification coaching. 
  • Genetics Counselor. Reviews your family medical history and provides education regarding your personal risk for familial cancer. 
  • Registered Nurse. Helps coordinate your care by making appointments, providing education and answering questions.
  • American Cancer Society Patient Navigator. Connects patients with information, resources, services, and support during the cancer journey. They also offer free wigs, scarves and hats. 
  • Financial Counselor. If you don't have insurance, need financial assistance, or have other financial concerns, our counselors can help. 

Meet the Team

Meet our team of cancer specialists at Intermountain Riverton Hospital.