Whether you're just starting your family or adding another bundle of joy, the labor and delivery team at Sevier Valley Hospital believes each birth experience is as unique and special as the mothers and babies themselves. With that in mind, we work to support each individual mom’s birth plan; from natural (un-medicated) deliveries or medicated, to who you will have cut the cord, our team is trained in research-based practices to support you as you prepare to meet your little miracle.

The Birthing Experience

Our top priority is to help each mom have a positive and healthy birthing experience at our hospital. Please let us know your preferences during labor and delivery so we can support your birth plan and needs. Keep in mind that childbirth can sometimes present unforeseen situations that may require some changes to your birth plan to ensure the health and safety of both you and your baby.

Your Room

Our Women and Newborn Center offers moms-to-be one of three brand-new Labor and Delivery suites to support you as you prepare to meet your little one through birth and recovery. Our suites include:

  • Jetted tubs – perfect for laboring moms
  • Wi-Fi – great to pass the time or keep family informed
  • Blue-Tooth speaker system - just sync your device for tunes
  • Large-screen TVs
  • Sleeping accommodations for fathers/coaches

After our new moms have recovered, we offer our new, private, post-partum rooms, adjacent to our nursery, to complete your maternity stay with us. 

We also have special surgical center accommodations available for moms who need operative deliveries or considered high-risk, such as those having multiples.

Medical Professionals

A physician/obstetrician is on call day and night to help with your needs before, during, or after labor and delivery. We also have our nurse anesthetists ready to help with pain management including epidurals, or emergency situations.

Labor and Delivery

Our caregivers will carefully monitor your labor and communicate changes to your obstetrician/physician. When you are ready to deliver, your physician and nurses will work with you to welcome your little one into the world.

After Delivery

We encourage skin-to-skin after each delivery, including scheduled Cesarean sections. There are many benefits of this practice for your baby including stabilization of body temperature, improvement of heart and lung function, and improved breastfeeding. We also provide lactation guidance and education to support you in breastfeeding your little one.