We help you Get Well, Stay Well and LiVe Well for the rest of your life.

The LiVe Well Center provides a wide variety of wellness testing, fitness classes and personal consultation. Qualified medical professionals work to help clients achieve both short and long-range goals. Our shared accountability programs for wellness are reasonably priced and personalized for your specific needs.  

In order to obtain true health and wellness, people need more than just medications, surgeries and doctor visits — they need to establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  The St George LiVe Well Center helps people on path to a healthy lifestyle to become truly well.

LiVe Well uses a whole-person approach — body, mind and spirit — to help you achieve a sustainable quality of life, along with a positive sense of well-being. We offer health promotion programs for people of all ages and have a team of licensed and experienced health professionals to support, inform and encourage you along your road to better health and wellness.

LiVe Well Center - St. George Services

No mater what your age or fitness level is, the St. George LiVe Well Center has programs to help you live the healthiest life possible.  Our services focus on improving health and wellness through:

  • Physical activity
  • Good nutrition
  • Better Sleep
  • Managing Stress

Our Facility

We are located on the lower level of the Dixie Regional Health & Performance Center. Our clinic has open gym space for fitness evaluation and daily exercise classes.  We also have private offices for one-on-one consultations.  

LiVe Well Center - St. George

Health and Performance Center, Lower level - LiVe Well Center